Photo action: What festivals are there in October?


You should celebrate the festivals as they fall. Folk festivals there are in the world. They often have a religious origin or relate to the beginning of a Season. What do you celebrate in October? Send us a photo!

The biggest and probably the most famous folk festival in the world, the Oktoberfest is. For more than 200 years, it attracts numerous visitors to Munich and shapes the image of Germany.

There has long been worldwide counterfeiting. The Oktoberfest is a popular export and is celebrated on all continents. We have visited the most interesting copies and provide them to you in the Euromaxx series “Oktoberfest”. In the Chinese coastal city of Qingdao, for example, in a reconstructed Germany is celebrated scenery on the beach.

We want to know from our viewers: What is the traditional folk festival is celebrated in October?

Send us a photo, on which you see during the Festival. We are looking forward to your pictures. As a thank you we are giving away among all participants, a wrist watch in the exclusive Euromaxx-Design.

Deadline, is 27.September 2019, 12 UTC. Legal recourse is excluded. Good Luck!