E-cigarettes: consumption booming


The demand in Germany is rising sharply. This year, about 25 percent of give smokers according to current Figures, more for the new Embers, as in the previous year. The dispute about the health consequences holds.

This year, the turnover of E is likely to be cigarettes and accessories, an estimated 600 to 650 million euros. The “Association of e-cigarette trade” in Dortmund announced. The trade fair inter-tabac is to be held this weekend. The demand for E-cigarettes is growing in Germany for several years. In 2019, the Plus would be according to these Figures, at 25 percent compared to 2018, according to the Association.

Certainly these Numbers are not. To sales, there are only estimates, as sales data for these products is not collected centrally. There is, therefore, unlike in the case of tobacco product tax stamps are no clear statistics.

25 Percent Increase In

The “Alliance for tobacco-free enjoyment” comes on other values, but in a similar height – the organization also speaks of a 25-percent-Plus sales, but the estimate is 570 million euros in sales in the E-cigarette trade in 2019.

At the on Friday in Dortmund, started the fair Intertabac, which is considered to be the world’s largest industry gathering, playing games, electric devices for Vaporizing or Heating a larger and larger role. However, the turnover with the new smoke devices is in Germany compared to the classic cigarette or cigar is still low. As with tobacco sales of 26.4 billion Euro of goods to 2018, according to the German cigarette Association made for cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos or pipes the Germans spent approximately 40 Times more money than for electrical devices and Liquids.

Student access

New Figures from the US show, however, that among young people the proportion of smokers of E-cigarettes is on the rise. Among high school students, 25 percent of the respondents reported to have last month to an E-cigarette is drawn. That’s four percent more than the year before. In contrast, the proportion of traditional smokers decreased among the students of around 8 per cent to 6 per cent. The information resulting from a survey conducted by the University of Michigan has 42,000 students.

Different models of E-cigarettes in a Store in New Delhi

Meanwhile, U.S. health authorities bring in the country more than 500 cases of respiratory disease with the consumption of E-cigarettes in conjunction. The Figures of the American “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, presented” on Thursday. Two-thirds of those Affected were between the ages of 18 and 34 years old. In the U.S., meanwhile, two States have prohibited the so-called “vaping” under. Manufacturers advertise their products so that the health hazards are relatively lower than that of the classic smoke.

Prohibition in India

Also India ban this week, the sale of E-cigarettes. India is the third largest tobacco producer in the world and exported tobacco to the value of around a billion dollars. The world health organization, WHO welcomed the step and said, now the new Smoking be banned products in six countries in the Region.

In Germany, E are not says-cigarettes, in their various forms. The Federal centre for health education has, however, subsequently, they are bad for the health. Authorities boss Heidrun Thaiss evaluated the E-consumer as a “problematic, especially against the Background that the long-term health effects of the inhaled substances are still unclear”.

ar/tko (dpa, AP)