Suspicion of espionage at Airbus


Investigators to go to the suspicion that Airbus employees secret armed forces-have given more documents. Airbus threatens a great loss of image and loss of orders.

The A400M transport aircraft of the Bundeswehr will be built by Airbus

It is only a suspicion. But if he holds true, it could be an espionage case, is of great importance. After all, it goes to the armed forces and the largest European aviation group Airbus, the witnesses in addition to civil flight military aircraft builds. Employees of the company may be obtained illegally planning documents over a two-armament projects of the Bundeswehr, and third parties have passed. And it seems to be a new military communication system. The Prosecutor’s office speaks of a possible betrayal of state or business secrets, not military secrets. The security-political relevance seems to be limited.

According to the Munich public Prosecutor’s office, Airbus has become active and has informed the judicial authorities, as the suspicion of secret treason come up and the company was investigated by the internal. Also the Ministry of defence has been informed.

Against at least 17 Airbus employees will now be determined. A law firm can help. Investigations also within the Bundeswehr. One of her relatives, according to the newspaper “Bild”suspected to be a secret betrayal involved; against him disciplinary measures had been taken. Details could not be known, or wanted to defence Minister Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, but so far: “There is no knowledge, not available to me.”

Only “the lowest confidentiality level”

Specifically, in the case of the suspected cases, according to the Prosecutor, the “betrayal of business and company secrets” and their incitement. Also, it is quite sure that the government Agency could have been spying on, is a public authority which is the Ministry of defence.

Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer groping in the case, apparently, still in the dark

But neither the prosecution nor the army seems to know what the documents are. In the case of Airbus it is, after all, safely, “that there are two projects of a rather small business segment of the defense communication, and not the major projects subject: military aircraft, drones, and space travel”. Airbus wants to play, obviously with the military explosiveness down. A spokeswoman for the Munich Prosecutor’s office was also a certain complacency, as you said: “The documents relate to the lowest level of secrecy.”

Airbus threatens loss of confidence

Some of the Airbus employees secret documents of state authorities is viewed according to the group, nothing Unusual. This had to be documented carefully. In this case, it seems to be not going to happen, what aroused the suspicion of the Executive Committee.

Airbus is building for the armed forces and many other armed forces, for example, the new transport aircraft A400M. The suspicion of secret sharing against Airbus should confirm the staff, the large European companies a heavy blow.

What can be the consequences for Airbus, suggested Tobias Lindner, the defense policy spokesman of the Green. In the normal economic life of the politician in an Interview with the newspaper “the world”, would exclude a company from procurement procedures in the projects. Virtually all of these orders are large orders, often issued by a number of States. The armed forces have no confidence in the company, it would be a huge economic damage for the aircraft manufacturer.