Hamilton? Leclerc? Ferrari? Which is at odds Sebastian Vettel so much?


The series champion in silver, the rising star in Ferrari Red, or a car that does not drive the way he wants it? What exactly is it, Sebastian Vettel went into the last 15 months under the skin?

Sebastian Vettel, seemed to stop once in formula 1, hardly has accustomed, at the end of the season other watch to the Triumph. Since 2013, he has the world Cup win, has remained at four world championship titles are. His last Grand Prix victory for Ferrari, he won in Belgium in the last season. A total of 13 race wins for the Scuderia to beech stand in the case of Vettel, meanwhile, is actually an unlucky number for the Germans. His great rival and companion Lewis Hamilton has to say since the victory, Vettel’s on the track of Spa-Francorchamps, 2018, and write won 14 Grand Prix, more than Vettel since his move in 2015 to Italy for Ferrari as a whole are managed.

But the last two weekends of racing in Belgium and then at the home race of Ferrari in Monza, were different. Vettel has witnessed the emergence of a New Ferrari, a team-mate who is ten years younger than he is. With only 21 years, Charles Leclerc, to capture probably the most special Podium in the entire F1 calendar, the victory with Ferrari at their home race in Monza. The sovereign of Monaco was worn by the exuberant cheers of the Tifosi in Italy, almost on hands.

After the muted celebrations at Leclerc’s debut victory at Spa-Francorchamps a week earlier, were overshadowed by the death of his friend Anthoine Hubert in the formula 2, prevailed in the Monza party mood. Not least because Ferrari had not won since 2010, at home.

With the victory, Leclerc a, was added to an illustrious list of Ferrari-kings, who could win in Monza: Alberto Ascari, Phil Hill, John Surtees, Ludovico Scarfiotti, Clay Regazzoni, Jody Scheckter, Gerhard Berger, Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello, Fernando Alonso. Sebastian Vettel is not the only one.

Unforced errors, Hader of Vettel

The race in Belgium was able to keep Vettel at least at eye level, and Leclerc and his Team Ferrari for the first win of the season help. In Italy, Vettel was not, however, rank 13 in addition to missed the points so clearly and was even lapped yet. To be delivered at the beginning of the race, under an unnecessary error to him. He turned with his car, as he drove in fourth Position lying in the two Mercedes. It was once more a case of the kind, the delivery Vettel in his home Grand Prix in Hockenheim last year, when he lost the safe management, Hamilton still won, and in the title race in 2018, the decisive swing got.

Frankly, had Sebastian Vettel (l) do enough with Lewis Hamilton (R) before Charles Leclerc showed up

Theories about the poor shape of the 32-year-old German, there are many, but perhaps Nico Rosberg has brought it on Sky it best when he said: “Vettel is, for me, inexplicable – I can’t explain it. He is a four-time world champion, he is one of the best guys out there. And to make a personal error, to turn the car in the corner, is so strange.”

The former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, a friend of Vettel, told the car magazine “Auto, Motor und Sport” this week that the Five-second time penalty that Vettel has tasted victory in Canada this season, could be to blame. At the time, he had Hamilton followed with a driving mistake made, was next to the track and returned to the track, Hamilton has had to sharply brake. The Stewards decided to handicap the opponent. A judgment with which Vettel directly in the race struggled and it apparently still does.

“He seems to have lost something,” said Ecclestone. “The penalty in Montreal was the worst thing that could happen to him. The penalty was completely wrong, and you seem to have Sebastian’s Faith in the Sport damaged.”

Vettel needs attention

Ross Brawn, who together with Vettel, but over the years, many Teams has led the competed directly against him, said the formula 1 Website, that Ferrari had to do, in his opinion, more to show his continued support for the Heppenheimer. The Austrian Journalist Christian Nimmervoll from the special Website “motorsport-total.com” has snapped up a similar theory in the paddock, suggesting that Vettel is only truly successful if he has the feeling that he has the undivided attention of his team.

Only with the full support of his team in the back, Sebastian Vettel can call his best performance

“I have also spoken with Dr. Helmut Marko, the long-term development guru of Red Bull, about Sebastian, and he said that Seb must feel really supported,” says take a full DW. “I actually thought at the time, in the Winter, as the Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto made these comments about Seb as “our Champion”, that you really try to support him full-time, and to show that they are all 100 percent behind Sebastian. But the Problem is, I think, that Leclerc was just too good.”

Escape from the Younger?

Take full also the features of the Ferrari cars in 2019 analyzed. He has a so-called seamless rear, which means that the car tends to oversteer than to understeer. This does not fit the driving style of Leclerc, but after Vettel’s taste, which has criticised the Germans in this season already. Man, how many of the last error from Vettel in terms of acceleration have occurred at the curve exit, when the risk is overdriving the largest, seems to be actually relevant.

Bahrain, Canada, Italy: Many of Sebastian Vettel’s recent mistakes could construction be due to

Also, take full notes Vettel to have a Problem with that, if a younger team-mate, Defying it. 2014, still with Red Bull, the constellation will last, so that Vettel was the Older of the Team. His Partner at the time, Daniel Ricciardo was called. In the same year, Vettel lashed his move to Ferrari and left the Team that had made him great.

“There is pressure on Sebastian,” analyzes take the situation at Ferrari, and draws a Parallel with the past. “In the year 2014, he fled from the face of Ricciardo – and that was a similar Situation. I don’t know what he will do, but the part that really bothers me and is confused that he seems to be in spite of everything, what’s going on, from the outside, still super quiet. In the past, he would have been pissed, but at the Moment he is not there.”

Unfulfilled Dream

Rumors that Vettel may have the nose full of formula 1 and soon to retire could go, keeps take fully unlikely. “The Ferrari is missing the championship for him,” says the Journalist, and refers to on Vettel’s so far unsuccessful Attempts, Michael Schumacher, to emulate and to win in a Ferrari-red-car Championships.

Such a Celebration as here in 2019, in Monza, in the victory of Charles Leclerc was Sebastian Vettel never received

“When you consider just how much Vettel on the formula 1-has informed story of how he looked up to Michael, then I think that it would interfere without these Ferrari titles, or only with the four titles to withdraw – so ridiculous, the word “only” also sounds, if one describes such a performance!”

Since Vettel’s switch to Ferrari four years ago, Lewis Hamilton and giant Mercedes, Vettel’s title dream seems to be in Red as an almost insurmountable hurdle in the way. Now is the time against Ferrari, but also a driver with the number 5, the youngest F1 Champion of all times. Because even if Ferrari Vettel would be set for 2020, a title capable car, and he could take the fight against Hamilton – the next Generation of the Leclerc and Verstappen also ready to oust Vettel from the top.