Europa League: Arsenal of Concord taught a lesson at the start


Eintracht Frankfurt to lose for the first Time a home game in the Europa League. Against Arsenal the Team to a series of opportunities, and must congratulate at the end of the guests who demonstrate ruthless efficiency.



In Frankfurt Eintracht hot-awaited Start of a new Europa League adventure is failed. The hessians lost in the first round of the group stage with 0:3 (0:1) against last year’s finalist Arsenal. In a over long distances, fast-paced duel with the English team, the enthusiasm came back, the Frankfurt had worn in pre-season to the semi-finals of the gates by Joe Willock (38. Minute), Bukayo Saka (85.) and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (88.) prior to holding the frankfurters, the spurning good opportunities in the two digit range, but what it means to take advantage of his opportunities. After the first international home defeat since 2006, the harmony that had set in the previous year, with six Wins from six group games, a German, best appliance brand, quite early on, under pressure. IPC/js (dpa)

The final WHISTLE

90.+1 Minute: A bitter evening for the Concord, the a lesson in terms of effectiveness and callousness of the Londoners has received – now has Smith-Rowe, the 4:0 on the head, puts the Ball over.

88. Minute: GOAL PIERRE-EMERICK AUBAMEYANG makes the 3:0! Hasebe and Abraham are not in agreement, and let the Ball playing slightly slimming, Pass in the top, where Aubameyang gets alone on Trapp and considered completed.

85. Minute: GOAL – And then it makes Arsenal better: BUKAYO SAKA with the score 2:0! The 18-Year-old against the Frankfurt defense advanced up a lot of space, puts the Ball on the left foot and slots it in – see value as untenable.

85. Minute: a free kick for SGE: Kamadas Ball a little too long for Hinteregger, of the Ball with the tuft of touches.

82. Minute: So a little bit it acts as if the harmony your energy-sapping game now pay tribute to must. Hardly any impulses to the front, a man less and now Yellow for Kamada.

79. Minute: place-reference – DOMINIK KOHR comes in the middle of the field late against the Saka and brings him back to the case. A second Yellow card for Frankfurter, the shower must go.

79. Min: Aubameyang can Hinteregger get out and try it with an edge that Pepé but not achieved.

78. Minute: Pepe far too much space, then Aubameyang, with his shot but is left hanging.

77. Minute: Kostic remains first with a cross to hang, then jumps by a head on the Ball, passing to it via a Bicycle kick to try. The gallery is beautiful, for the result is useless.

75. Minute: Kolasinac with a throw-in to a lot of time for the taste of the referee Massa, the Yellow against the former Schalke pulls out.

74. Minute: EXCHANGE – When SGE goes da Costa and TIMOTHY CHANDLER replaced.

72. Minute: EXCHANGE – Willock is leaving the place, for him, comes DANI CEBALLOS.

71. Minute: double corner for Frankfurt, both times Kostic his head to the ball not enough pressure give.

69. Minute: Paciencia leaves the player with a Dehung skillfully to get off, but not enough precision in the shot.

68. Minute: Kostic has the Ball in the penalty area on the feet and pulls just wide of the far corner providing.

67. Minute: Saka with a fine ball to Willock, whose shot from a tight angle Trapp parried.

66. Minute: EXCHANGE – Adi Hütter brings GONCALO PACIENCIA for the hapless Bas Dost.

64. Minute: free kick for Eintracht, entered into by Kamada and laid back to Kostic, whose flank attempt in the goal land.

59. Minute: Kostic makes a lot of metres and in the middle of Silva, the free-standing in reserve warp – bitter for the harmony: The next assigned good way.

56. Minute: Xhakas free kick-Ball is getting longer and longer, and slams against the crossbar. Since Trapp had miscalculated a little.

54. Minute: Eintracht uses a Negligence Arsenal for winning the Ball, Kostic pushes the Ball, and then closes hastily from.

52. Min: Da Costa puts the Ball in the penalty area, Martinez is in the last Moment before the bullet prepare Silva for the place.

51. Min: Aubameyang is by bullet ready, but Hinteregger clears with a strong sliding tackle in the last Moment.

49. Minute: Kohr with a fine Ball to Silva, which directly decreases, and at the gable over shoots.

48. Minute: Silva search in the middle of Dost, but Mustafi clears at the last Moment with a great sliding tackle.

47. Minute: Dost comes after a cross the ball, but not really under the Ball.


Frankfurt missed out on it against Arsenal, despite good opportunities to take the lead. Either the precision or the shiny up missing put Arsenal Keeper Martinez prevents the Frankfurter guide. After a series of misplaced passes and coordination problems in the Frankfuter Defensive Willock uses a de in just a few Arsenl-opportunities for leadership.


45. Minute: On the other hand, the Chance for Silva, but again reacted Martinez shiny.

45. Minute: Now Hasebe with a horrible misplaced pass in his own half, Arsenal can no capital out of it beat.

42. Minute: Abraham with a terrible loss of the ball in midfield, Willock in the penalty area, where it is of Hasebe stopped.

38. Minute: GOAL! The 1:0 for the Gunners by JOE WILLOCK, of not really being attacked, and half to the right of the net. His Ball is untenable deflected for Trapp, POPs under the bar and lands in the goal.

37. Minute: Dost comes after a corner to head the ball and puts the Ball unchallenged in the box over – there was more to it.

36. Minute: Saka is on the left and bring the Ball sharply in. Kohr can clarify at the last Moment.

32. Minute: Sow loses the Ball against Xhaka, the flash quickly to Smith-Rowe through is. Trapp prevents a Shine to parade on foot to the residue.

31. Minute: Andre Silva is in the full run of the legs brought, Frankfurt calls with all the vehemence of a free kick, the referee Massa but not.

28. Min: Da Costa takes the Ball in his own half and goes on half the field, before a hesitant David Luiz against the legs of shoots.

27. Minute: Nine shots on goal has the SGE already made, Arsenal of those two.

25. Minute: Now it is Kamada with the Chance. But his shot comes to a Central, not a Problem for Martinez.

23. Minute: Again, Kostic on the left of the penalty area by, this Time coming to be shot. But Martinez is very fast and keep with a gloss parade.

23. Min: Aubameyang with the Ball alone in the top and probierts: His shot rushes past the far post.

21. Minute: Three corners in a row for the season, with the Arsenal now constricts. Dost gets the Ball in the penalty area on the left foot, too easily.

19. Minute: another Chance by Silva, who in the Fall is not enough pressure behind the Ball gets to the corner of Frankfurt.

18. Minute: Silva plays Kostic wonderful, but the Serb takes the Ball is not quite optimal, so that he from a tight angle on goal passes.

16. Minute: Saka is fine for Torreira, Trapp the Ball at the last Moment before the Arsenal striker clear.

15. Minute: Frankfurt captured in the Interaction of da Costa and Silva a lot of space, Kohrs shot from the second row is then but much too harmless.

14. Minute: What a disastrous misplaced pass by Sow, of the previously the best Frankfurter was. His Ball to the rear goes directly into the feet of Saka, which will be sent free on goal and then when you cross to put the ball tangled. Abraham clarifies in the end.

12. Minute: Martin Hinteregger looks for a Foul for the first Yellow card of the match.

11. Min: Silva takes on half-right dimension. His Bouncing shot past the rushes but at the gate.

10. Min: Xhaka in the penalty area against Kamada rustic to works – a slight Pull is there, but is that enough to referee Massada not for a penalty.

9. Min: Da Costa, chipt edge into the Dost comes in at the far post, a step too late. Martinez picks up the Ball in front of him down.

7. Minute: Long Ball in behind EGGER, the well-positioned but ran comes.

5. Minute: Torreira has a flank criminally a lot of space, and POPs the ball from a short distance in the Frankfurt goal. This had to be the lead for Arsenal.

4. Minute: Kostic makes the game on the left wing quickly, and then in the middle, where Sow directly peeling – though to Central.

3. Minute: Frankfurt plays the Ball now around the back, up to Keeper Trapp, the two Arsenal-to-peak pressure is, the repulsive but timely plays.

1. Minute: Sow tried for the first time in the direction of the gate to pull, but it is fair from the Ball separately.


18:40 PM: In the Eintracht starting with Dost, and Silva, both of the new striker. Arsenal coach Emery sent with Mustafi and Kolasinac, two of the four German races – Bernd Leno is not sitting on the bench, Mesut Ozil is in the squad of the Gunners.

18:30 p.m.: The lineups – Frankfurt: 1 Trapp – 19 Abraham, 20 Hasebe, 13 Hinteregger – 24 da Costa, 28 Kohr, 8 Sow, 10 Kostic – 15 Kamada – 9 Dost, 33 Silva

Arsenal 26 Martinez 21 Chambers, 20 Mustafi, 23 Luiz, 31 Kolasinac – 11 Torreira, 34 Xhaka, 28 Willock – 32 Smith-Rowe, 14 Aubameyang, 77 Saka

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