World Judo Federation blocks Iran to escape from a world champion Mollaei


After the explosive escape of the Iranian Judoka Saeid Mollaei in the world has occupied Federation IJF the Association of the Islamic Republic with a protective barrier. Thus, the country is excluded in the fight now, of all the betting.

The Iranian Judoka Saeid Mollaei (R) in his battle against Matthias Casse from Belgium at the world Cup at the end of August in Tokyo

As the world Judo Federation informed the IJF, have violated the Iranians, among other things, the code of Ethics of the world Association as well as against the Olympic Charter. Iran is excluded immediately from all competitions. Against the protective barrier of the Association may appeal, but an appeal before the court of arbitration for sport CAS.

Not to compete, intentionally lose

The 27-year-old Mollaei should not compete at the world Championships in Tokyo at the end of August, on the instructions of the Iranian government in the semi-final against the Belgian Matthias Casse in the first place, to go to a possible final against the Israeli Sagi Muki out of the way. The Judoka resisted, however, of this arrangement. He lost but against the Casse, so that it came to the fight against Muki. Mollaei later reported that he had been forced by his Association with threats against him and his family, to intentionally lose against the Belgians.

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The sad story of Saeid Mollaei

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The sad story of Saeid Mollaei

2020 in the refugee team of the IOC?

Mollaei not back in panic and then in his home country and fled, according to media reports, according to Berlin, in order to apply for asylum in Germany. IJF President Marius Vizer gave the athletes the back cover, and put him in prospect for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo in the refugee team of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to compete.

Iran and Israel are political enemies. Mollaei was the youngest victim of the boycott attitude of many Muslim countries towards Israel. In the past, it had ägegeben countless similar cases. At the world Cup in Japan had refused in the semi-final, also in addition, the Egyptian Mohamed Abdelaal, against the Israeli Muki compete.

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