The European Parliament: A hard Brexit is close at hand


The European Parliament indicates, again, the overwhelming Consensus at the Brexit – but the EU Commission chief and the negotiator to see the chances for a Deal will continue to dwindle. From Strasbourg Barbara Wesel.

Shared care: EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier in the European Parliament

“This Parliament is the only one that defended in these days of the rights of British citizens.” Only the European Parliament, emphasize the so-Brexit-coordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, and other members, can currently discuss the UK exit the EU because the gentlemen in London were sent to forced break. And the Belgians also says clearly how things stand: “The British government has no legally available Alternative on the table.” The negotiating table is empty.

After all, His dinner with Boris Johnson on this Monday in Luxembourg, had been friendly, constructive and generally positive, reports EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker from the first joint Meeting. The British Prime wool continues to be an exit agreement, and at the same time the Brexit on the 31. October. The risk of a hard exit without agreement, but always tangible and the decision lies with the government in London.

The dispute revolves around the Backstop, the safety net is that a hard limit in Ireland to avoid the internal market and the common Irish economy to protect. “I don’t hang in there emotionally,” adds Jean-Claude Juncker, “but I stand by the objectives.” And the British side had to come up with practical suggestions on how you could achieve otherwise. “Otherwise, I can’t say that real progress has been achieved.”

A: extends the Hand, a you take Boris Johnson (l) and Jean-Claude Juncker (r) on Monday

In order for Juncker to be even diametrically opposite statements of the British Prime Minister, had spoken in London of the great progress made in the negotiations and repeatedly proclaimed that a Deal was within reach and the EU should only agree with him.

New London-based Team incorporated

Michel Barnier, the continued negotiations on the EU side, while from London, in the meantime, a completely new Team with David Frost, has arrived, starting virtually from Zero. You have to dedicate to the colleagues only days into the intricate Details of the withdrawal agreement, which is now on the table, it was said by the participants on the EU side. In addition, the British had traveled with a text of the Treaty of Brussels, which contained, instead of the designs to Ireland and to the Backstop, only blank pages.

“That’s not enough,” says Michel Barnier. It needed a solution for the risks in Ireland, because animals and food, which would be about the British in Northern Ireland in the EU, would also be accessible for the French or Polish market. Here it is about the protection of consumers and to animal health – a note on the possible seepage of products from the USA or the Rest of the world that do not comply with European Standards.

“We must not pretend that we are negotiating”

EU chief negotiator Barnier also made clear that the common work according to the Brexit really begins. The political Declaration, in the previously ambitious goals for a future relationship are written, will challenged by Boris Johnson. If London now from the principle of the “level playing field”, the common rules for products and companies, to turn away from, then one must develop a clear Basis for a future trade agreement, finally, half of all British exports to the EU. In addition, the Basis of the cooperation’m on other fields in question, such as in defence, security and foreign policy.

The forced break of the British Parliament, outraged many British protests in London on Tuesday

And finally, one should not underestimate the real risks of a hard Brexits under. And its consequences would just disappear, you’ll have to negotiate after that, still, about money, about civil rights and other open issues.

“We are not allowed to do so, as if we are negotiating,” added Barnier still. A clear indication that he does not believe in the current British strategy. London wants to submit only after the Conservative in the beginning of October, details in Brussels. The fear is that the proposals would otherwise be shot to pieces quickly. However, the could be only two weeks time for an agreement up to the decisive EU summit on 17. October. This schedule is considered to be quasi-impossible, and is probably the reason for the repeated warnings of the European negotiators.

A small tear in the EU Parliament

As is to be expected in the emotionally heated topic was the dispute between the Camps in the European Parliament alive. Even the brave leader of the conservative EPP gave a shot across the English channel: “Currently, it is not the UK that the EU is leaving, but the Jobs and businesses leaving the UK.” The show, which was a stupid idea of Brexit, said Manfred Weber. And he called the Meeting on Monday is a wasted opportunity to clarify the issues.

Smile or teeth? Brexiteer Nigel Farage in the European Parliament (file photo)

“We are open for new proposals and for an extension,” said the Christian Democrat, but they would allow no social, economic and ecological Dumping. And finally, you must prepare for the worst case – No-Deal-Brexit.

While the speakers all center-left parties in the Parliament see this danger clearly, wants the head of the British Brexit-party nothing more than that: “We want a clean Brexit and later on in adult entertainment,” describes Nigel Farage his goal. The friendly tone in Parliament to show him, that a Deal is close. An agreement, however, would tie the UK to the EU. If it could get rid of this but will be stronger in the country outside of the EU, competition and richer than now.

“There is no good Brexit”, in contrast, held the Scottish MEP Alyn Smith. “The Tories have no Plan for a permanent future relationship. If the Brexit comes, you use it to smash everything and burn.” There are going to be Dumping on all fronts, directly on the shores of the EU.

And so the battles currently being fought in the house of Commons in London were relocated for a day to Strasbourg to the European Parliament. Only that it is here, at all, Regret about the Brexit – a clear majority in favour of an orderly exit as the less bad solution. However, At the end of these members must agree to a Deal, and you are clearly not ready to compromise at any price.

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