Quiz: All the sausage or what?


About 2.5 million tons of sausages are eaten every year in Germany. Who visited the country and through linings should be familiar with so a little. What do you know about German sausages?

Whether traditional or Locally for gourmet food, whether fish travels to the North sea, or beer in Bavaria – who, to Germany, to learn the country in the culinary know. The gastronomy of the country is diverse: nationally, there are about 300 stars and gourmet restaurants, 13 wine-growing regions, as well as countless beer gardens of Bavaria to Berlin. Local products such as Marzipan and gingerbread, or dishes such as curry sausages say a lot about cities and regions, about the people and their food culture. But what specialty is for which part of Germany is typical? What should you try where? You will learn some of the culinary specialties in one of our Quizzes about food and Drink in Germany.

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