It is possible to force Bolsonaro for the protection of the environment?


After the increase in deforestation and forest fires, a report by Human Rights Watch shows the criminal networks behind the forest destruction. Can bring pressure on the government Bolsonaro something?

Criminal gangs that destroy faster and faster, the Amazon forest and environmental activists to murder, while the authorities and the judiciary watch mostly: in This gloomy scenario, the on Tuesday in Sao Paulo published a report on the “Rainforest mafia” of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) shows. In the next few days, HRW will present the paper to the human rights bodies of the United Nations. The indigenous politician Sonia guajajara language wants to address the violations of human rights and the Environment also in Meetings with EU representatives and the EU Parliament. “I wish that you accept abroad in Brazil against people and the environment, violate rights.”

The recognition of the concept of “Ecocide” – a politician Sonia guajajara language (archive image)

The pressure on Brazil’s government must also come to the markets, so guajajara language. “Companies need to be held accountable, so, buy and produce.” In addition, the politician for the recognition of the concept of “Ecocide” occurs. “The international organisations need to recognise Ecocide as a crime against humanity. And anyone who commits these acts must be punished.”

Carlos Rittl from the climate Think-Tank Observatório do Clima is convinced that the government of President Jair Messias Bolsonaro will ultimately yield to the pressure from abroad. “The pressure will come from the markets, will give the government very painful lessons. Because you can not murder, and cutting down on the Basis of blood to produce and destroy the forests, and believe that the products will be bought anyway.”

Sad and outraged – former environment Minister Marina Silva

The former environment Minister Marina Silva has responded to the HRW report, with “a mixture of sadness and outrage”. Under your environment were standards and controls and, consequently, the deforestation by 80 percent, reduced increases. “Now will be destroyed in eight months, the work of decades. And the government does this on two levels: with a discourse that stimulates the illegality, and with a series of measures produces the feeling of impunity. For the first Time ever, the official discourse of the government against the policy of environmental protection recommends.”

Will lead to the international pressure?

Silva sees the chances as low, with international pressure, something to align. “Unfortunately, this government accepted neither internal nor external pressure. The President doesn’t believe in climate change and has a Vision how at the beginning of the 20th century. Century, that you are allowed to destroy natural treasures easily with impunity.”

Much is hoped from the international pressure – Rubens Ricupero, former Minister of the environment

The former environment Minister and Ambassador of Brazil in Washington, Rubens Ricupero, hoped for, however much of a reaction from abroad. “The pressure is very important, without it, nothing will change. And even if the government responds negatively, and says not to bend the, experience has shown that since the dictatorship, but that pressure always acts.”

It was to be expected, so Ricupero that the government is going to evaluate the interference in internal Affairs as an attack on Brazil’s sovereignty. “The governments don’t like pressure from abroad, and defend always this false Argument that it is a question of the sovereignty. But the more pressure, the greater the hope, that something changes. And if it is economic pressure, the better. Because that will bring the big economic players, such as exporters to move.”

Brazil’s Reputation suffers

The ongoing negative news about the destruction of the environment in Brazil will damage Brazil’s Image is improving and the political scientist Oliver Read from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas. “Brazil is the global outcast, has problems, to protect his Image. And abroad, it leads to wonderment, because the reaction Bolsonaros has triggered forest fires this global debate in the first place.”

The President had responded with mockery and irony to the Statements of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron, to take care of the Amazon forest. In addition, Bolsonaro fires were non-government organisations, complicity in the woods and refused international aid as part of a plot against Brazil. “Bolsonaro is the will of the people is now for sale as the villain in the global climate issue. Since he has gambled away, because he has responded to external criticism as well as to the internal, i.e. with provocation and mockery,” says Read. Bolsonaro threat of it, to be of foreign governments are avoided, so Read. This would endanger Brazil’s global political influence. “Yes, it is possible that Bolsonaro changes his discourse now. But it is very unlikely that the climate policy of Brazil will change.”

The first economic consequences, by company

In the last weeks of the first company had announced boycotts against Brazil. These companies want to currently be associated with Brazil, so Read. “And that could spread.” However, explains Stuenl, is also a other development is conceivable. “International pressure may result in the case of Brazil, the government uses this to strengthen your nationalistic Argument is still: This is a plot against Brazil.”

This could have for Bolsonaro internally even positive effects. To have already times as a member of Parliament, he felt himself in the role of the radical outsider very well. “I don’t think it would interfere with Bolsonaro, if there will be more product boycotts. The would him encourage in his Narrative, that a Communist conspiracy against Brazil exists. So you have to be careful how you react to these Anti-climate policy in Brazil.”