Hummels and ter Stegen point for BVB against Barcelona a world-class performance


Mats Hummels and Marc-André ter Stegen to make a Champions League match between Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona’s in-house advertising. Both show a Super game and Excel in modesty.

The a, just as calmly, the other unexcited. It would have been enough reason for an elevated pulse. The game between Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona moved back and forth. The 69,000 spectators in the Dortmund stadium were loud again and again, “Aaaahs” and “Oooohs” and also the one or other of the long, drawn-out “Neiiiiiiiiiiiiin” urged, however, for two of the actors on the green grass, the excitement level remained quite far down – at least outwardly. Barcelona’s goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen and Dortmund’s defender Mats Hummels brought the 0:0 of their clubs and a world-class performance. Not more and not less. They retained, however both a poker face as if nothing was more normal than that.

First of all, it was Hummels in the first half of the opening match of the new Champions League season on several occasions in the last second-saving intervention. Against the bullet and Antoine prepare Griezmann, before the einköpfbereiten Luis Suarez. Not only in these two situations, Hummels stand properly and proved that he is still one of the best interior defenders in the world.

3:0 for ter Stegen against Reus

Ter Stegen on the other hand, the last had been as wounded the number two of the national team for vortices that developed over the 90 minutes in Dortmund for the Nemesis of BVB-captain Marco Reus: in the middle of the first half appeared in the Dortmund attacker free in the penalty area of the Catalans and tried to push the Ball into the goal. Ter Stegen parried. At the beginning of the second half, Reus stepped up to take the foul penalty. Ter Stegen parried.

Not a perfect shot, but perfectly kept: Marc-André ter Stegen mitigated the penalty from Marco Reus

Shortly before the end of Reus ‘ shot from a short distance directly. Ter Stegen parried the shot and the ball of Reus. The facial expression of the 27-Year-old was in all three scenes is always the same. Namely, about as relaxed as he would pour just the flowers.

Also after the game, ter remained webs modestly: “I think it was okay how it went,” said the fresh “the man of the match” Winning and appeased, in terms of his own performance. “I always try to be on my best and help the team.”

Hummels’ impressive Numbers

Help, that was also a keyword for Mats Hummels, who had not only visually, and felt, but also statistically proven to be the best Champions League game of his career: The 30-Year-old had won 100 percent of his tackles, according to the analysis of the TV channel Sky ten clarifying actions and seven balls intercepted. With such impressive Numbers of any other interior would have played defender well at the top of the slip of each national team coach. It’s too bad that Hummels was sorted out in the last year, Joachim Löw, and the national coach is not known, once made, decisions in principle to take back.

The personalized “yellow wall”: Mats Hummels misses against FC Barcelona Ball

But Hummels had no desire to advertise in front of the television camera for a resumption of the DFB-Team. (“Out of my mouth you will hear nothing.”) He did not prefer his performance on the grass to talk, but to be also here in the center: “We simply defend well as a team,” he said in the Sky Interview. “We have worked together in the composite good, have helped us well. It was defensive of the team’s performance is very good.”

Also in the analysis of Hummels made no mistake. Once also he came to late: As Barcelona’s Superstar Lionel Messi a few moments before the final whistle, the 1:0 for the guests had on the foot. “We would have looked stupid,” said Hummels, who had already the feeling that “two points are left have to”. But Thomas Delaney handle a courageous and blocked the shot Messis – luckily for BVB and Central defender Hummels. A good feeling, if you do not need at the end of everything alone.