Champions League: Dortmund and Barcelona play for a draw


Pace, scoring chances but no results: Dortmund plays against FC Barcelona and win the opportunity to. However, Reus awards a penalty, and not Messi, but ter Stegen is the best of Catalan.

Borussia Dortmund missed the chance in the Champions League, despite the clear Superiority of a victory at home against FC Barcelona. Against the Spaniards, the BVB even forgave a foul penalty and had to settle for a goalless draw. Barca goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen made prior to 69 099 spectators in the sold-out stadium’s in-house advertising. The rival of Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in the national soccer team held strong and saved in the 57. Minute from the penalty spot by BVB-captain Marco Reus. How difficult is the preliminary round group F for the Bundesliga side from Dortmund could now be demonstrated in the other group game, where the supposed underdog Slavia Prague playful at Inter Milan in the 1:1 is a victory.

Interested in how the game ran in the Individual? Here you can read the course of the game once again:



Final whistle! It remains in the draw.

90.+3 min: But once again Messi! At the last second he gets a Ball at the far post, but his attempt is blocked.

90. Minute: Three minutes to be played.

90. Minute: Barcelona Lenglet in luck. After a fierce sliding tackle, he sees no yellow card.

87. Minute: CHANGE in Dortmund: ALCACER goes down, for it is BRUUN LARSEN in the game.

85. Minute: Now a longer possession of the ball stage for Barcelona, but so far is still nothing Dangerous here, come out.

80. Minute: Messi is on the pitch, but could not have much of an accent. At the Moment he shuffles in the usual slow speed across the lawn. Yet what is to come?

79. Minute: Back To Reus! From a short distance he fails to webs back to Ter. The goalkeeper, the Spaniard makes a very strong game. The BVB is in the final minutes, but the clearly superior team.

77. Minute: Brandt is a proper torch to los. From 25 metres he slams the thing in the bar. Great shot, but 0:0.

75. Minute: Hakimi goes right through and supports flat Reus in the middle. But the BVB captain shoots over the bar. Today, so far, no nose for goal…

73. Minute: In the stadium, cook briefly, the emotions high. Piqué prevented by the (random?) Hand game a to counter-attack. He’s already shown a yellow card, but the screen is not a yellow card. Gracious.

73. Minute: CHANGE for BVB: BRANDT comes on for HAZARD.

71. Minute: Alcacer free in front of ter Stegen, but he exploited the sharp bills is not right. Almost!

70. Minute: YELLOW for RAKITIC. Hand game in the midfield. Clear Thing.

69. Minute: Delaney is robust in a air duel with ter Stegen. The goalkeeper falls after that. Free Kick To Barca.

66. Minute: Delaney crosses on Reus. Of the heads, but pique clears for a corner.

64. Min: Reus shoots in the penalty area from the right half Position. The Ball is deflected and goes just to the right.

60. Minute: DOUBLE substitution for FC Barcelona: FATI goes down, MESSI is on the Lawn. And RAKITIC for BUSQUETS

59. Minute: Lionel Messi has finished warming up and is ready….

57. Min: Ter Stegen stops him. Very, very strong! Reus tries it in the bottom right. But his national team-mate and Barcelona Keeper ter Stegen dives lightning fast and has had a Hand in it.

55. Minute: PENALTY for Dortmund. SEMEDO looks YELLOW: it occurs Sancho on the feet. Not evil, but a clear Foul.

53. Minute: Arthur rips Hummels to the ground. The next free-kick for Dortmund. Hummels heads, but is in an Offside position.

52. Min: Hazard draws from the left, a sharp Ball in front of goal. Alcacer is not out, and it stretches the feet, it comes pretty close. Ter it has webs.

51. Min: Reus and Alcacer are available. The Spaniards tried it, hammers the Ball but it’s half high in the wall. A bit uninspired.

49. Minute: YELLOW for PIQUE, he falls Hakimi in a Central Position in front of the penalty area. Good Free Kick Position!

48. Minute: Suarez makes Akanji and draws from a tight angle. Bürki makes himself big and deflected the Ball out for a corner. Good Way.

47. Minute: YELLOW for HAZARD. A harmless Foul. but he ties a lock of the Catalans. The warning is in order.

Kick-off 2. Half of the GAME! Goes further’s in Dortmund.

The mid-term! The game is goalless at the break. This corresponds to the course of the game. Both Teams had their chances, none was hiding. On the side of Dortmund’s Hummels shows a strong performance. In the case of Barcelona, Griezmann was the most dangerous. The 16-Year-old Ansu Fati plays well, but could put no exclamation point.


45.+2 Minute: Hummels back in the right place! After a corner from the left Griezmann is extended by a head. However, in the middle of the BVB is defined inside defender.

39. Min: Reus keeps the Ball in the top, is delayed briefly and then the pattern to be valid cross into the box. Sancho approached rushing up and over slamming the Ball. Weak!

37. Minute: Now is Alcacer. After a free-kick for Barca he went to the head-ball duel with Piqué. Bürki comes out, and caught his teammate at the wegfausten with a full broadside. It will go after a short break in the treatment, but probably more.

34. Minute: Jordi Alba seems to hurt to have. Without enemy action, he goes to the ground. Maybe a sprain. But he tried it again.

30. Minute: between the balance sheet after a half-hour: the Best of Dortmund is clearly Mats Hummels. In the back, he provides stability in the crucial moments, always there. In the front, he was head dangerous. Reus tried but still a hundred percent in the game. Overall, the party is balanced. Barcelona with more possession of the ball, Dortmund with more pace in the shift game.

28. Minute: free-kick for Dortmund from the left. Reus chippt on Hummels, the aims of the head a little too high. Just think about it.

25. Minute: Good Chance for BVB! Hazard is on the inlet Reus by. The fails from some acute angle to the Barca Keeper Ter Stegen.

20. Minute: side note: world champion, Antoine Griezmann hair length and moustache. Has some similarities with Asterix. If he’s scared of him today in Dortmund the sky falls on the head?

17. Minute: Hummels is defined in front of Suarez with the head. Good cross from Griezmann. That would again have been a good opportunity.

16. Minute: a Typical scene from Reus so far. he picks up the pace, plays in a more promising Position. The last Pass, but is too inaccurate and is intercepted by Barca.

15. Minute: YELLOW for Delaney. He rises Busquets in the midfield on the Slippers. You can give, it’s not.

13. Min: Griezmann comes Central the penalty area completely free to the financial statements. Hummels bend the thing to the corner. Important! At the corner Piqué comes off, the leather sweeps past but the right. Both were dangerous.

9. Minute: Alcacer! Him the Ball in the box falls in front of the feet. He turns and closes it hastily. Left over. As more would have been there.

7. Minute: 200 pulse has Suarez… he wants a hand in the game of Dortmund in the penalty area have seen and protested to the linesman…we say: there was nothing.

5. Minute: The BVB with Sancho and Alcacer in the penalty area of the Catalans. However, the Defensive can clarify.

4. Minute: Favre recorded diligently. On the field, it goes merrily and forth. Even without really Dangerous…

2. Minute: Dortmund bother early. However, the Barca players will be able to deal with the marble and can at first hardly bring calm.

KICKOFF – The game of running!

20:58 PM: the referee of the match is Ovidiu Alin Hategan of Romania.

At 20:55: – Free Places? Not in Dortmund, not tonight. Or you can find the photo of the DW-reporter Jonathan Harding?

20:51 PM: In the other game of the group F separate Inter Milan and Slavia Prague 1:1 (0:1). Long, the Czechs looked surprisingly like the winner, of the compensation for the Italian hosts was only in injury time. Then Romelu Lukaku & co. stormed determinedly wild, but were able to add a match for Inter.

At 20:45: curiosity on the Dortmund bench: There sits Jonah horn, a substitute goalkeeper in the Regionalliga-team. Reason: Three out of four for the Champions League reported BVB-goalkeepers are injured.

At 20:34: On the side of the BVB are a lot of eyes on Paco Alcacer directed. The Spaniard has played in 2016 and 2018 in the case of Barca, and won the Spanish League title in 2018, and twice in the Cup. He is not happy there, however. However, he seems to be in the Moment when BVB is very happy. His Trefferqoute is enormous, he scored five goals in four League games.

At 20:32: BVB is the Eleven in the great duel:

Starting XI: Bürki – Hakimi, Akanji, Hummels, Guerreiro – Delaney, Witsel, Hazard, Reus, Sancho – Alcacer

Bank: horn (GK), Zagadou, Dahoud, Goetze, Brandt, Weigl, Bruun Larsen


20:30: Lionel Messi is not here. Maybe he is a substitute?
Exciting: super talent Ansu Fati plays from the beginning


BVB against Barça at the start of the Champions League season we can hope to make a real “firecracker”.

Welcome to our DW live Ticker of the game in Dortmund!