BDI to the Brexit: “playing with fire”


The sound is sharper in terms of Brexit – also in the German industry. The government in London to run a “playing with fire”, the industry Association BDI. Now it is just damage limitation.

Head of the government, Boris Johnson in London

There is no Plan, it was clear, as the government in London to apply for a Unger Brexit wool prevent, warned the Federation of German industry BDI on Wednesday. Company in Germany remain nothing else left, as a Unger exit of Britain from the EU without any agreement by the end of October.

Also a possible extension of the deadline on the 31. October, in addition to zoom in on only the uncertainty for the company, said BDI managing Director Joachim Lang in Berlin. “The cost of an unnecessary extra.”

An uncontrolled exit of Britain from the EU – the so-called No-Deal-Brexit – is the worst Option, which could also have an impact on Jobs in Germany. It could go to a “high five digit” number of Digits, said Length. In the case of a non-EU-apply to the British outlet, the production could be disrupted, the demand for German products in the UK could continue to break in. Then, a reduction of Jobs in German companies.

Joachim Lang from the industry Association BDI feared for Germany, job losses in the “five figure” range.

Half a Million jobs

How exactly is a Chaos-Brexit will have an impact, but could see no one. The Brexit would cost but in any case, economic growth. A total of half a Million jobs were hanging in Germany to the economic relations to the United Kingdom.

The British government under the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson handle irresponsible and playing with fire, said the BDI-agent. So far, the BDI expects that in 2019, with growth in Germany of 0.5 per cent – significantly less than 2018. In the case of leaving the EU without agreement, a value close to zero, threatened, Long said. In the coming year, half a percentage point would be lost.

“Regulation from the 15. Century”?

The long-expected, great Britain will take the most damage. “Recent production data in the UK automotive industry, speak volumes.” The Minus in the first half of the year amounted to eleven percent. The United Kingdom is only on rank seven of the most important trading partner for Germany. “Italy and Poland have overtaken the British since the Brexit Referendum.”

There are still numerous legal provisions, such as duties or for areas such as agriculture, were missing, as of today,. If and when laws were put on the road, and in view of the forced break of the Parliament is completely open. Long said with a view to the house of Commons in London: “you Might find a regulation from the 15. Century.”

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