Women, in the pension at a disadvantage


That women in Germany earn less than men is well known. Keywords: Gender-Pay-Gap. In the case of a pension in old age, there is the gap but also. Now, researchers have calculated exactly how large this Pension Gap is.

The result of the study is clear: women are not disadvantaged during your working life, but also in the age to men strong. “The core result is that women have significantly lower statutory pension entitlement. We are talking here of about 26 per cent difference,” says study author Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi, University of Mannheim.

Co-author Christoph Schneider from the Dutch Tilburg University can quantify this gap, the amount of the pension between the sexes in Germany in euros: 140 Euro, women receive, on average, less pension than male pensioners in the statutory pension insurance. “Depending on how long it is receiving a pension, then on the whole of considerable sums,” says Schneider. “If it takes 15 years on average, someone is still pension refers to admission to a pension, are about 25,000 Euro”.

26 percent in the age less for women

Punishment for children

Of course, the inequality is based on statutory retirement on the inequality of labour income between women and men. Here, the study revealed an interesting Detail: The divide – or the then the age gap is not at the beginning of the professional life because she is so determined not. The scissors open, rather, from a working age of about 35 years, in short: What is the Gender Pay Gap, the pay gap was already known, also applies to the Emergence of the pension gap. To watch “the time of the 35 years of the so-called Gender-Pay-Gap. The presumption is very close, the is at the Foundation of a family,” says Professor Niessen-Ruenzi.

Because at the time of the creation of a family between two partners of different sex are, as before, mostly the women, the departure of either the occupation or dramatically the number of hours reduce. “And you can read then according to the acquired pension claims.”

The pensions Gap starts early

In the literature of sociology to speak in connection with the in this way, the resulting inequality is also of the “Motherhood Penalty” – that is, the penalty of motherhood. Conversely, the study also shows that in the case of childless women, the pension gap is significantly smaller than in the case of mothers.

Against taxes due for the advancement of women

The study is the largest that there is in the issue of the pension gap between genders so far, say the authors. On the basis of their work, they have taken data from the IAB, the research Institute of the Federal employment Agency. In the analysis of salaries and Pensions out of a total of approximately 1.8 million women and men are included.

In order to overcome the gap, or at least to minimise, the researchers have two ways. “You could try, on the one hand, to promote women in the professional life and family wish to combine. Since we are talking of things such as childcare,” says Niessen-Ruenzi. “On the other hand, one could also promote superior, of the state from the private Pension provision for women more.” The latter would tend to be the client of the study to be Good: Fidelity International a Fund company, the retirement solutions.