Snowden and the “parade example” of Germany


In his book, Edward describes Snowden as U.S. intelligence agencies are collecting data – to the dismay of the citizens, but with the help of their governments. In Germany, too.

The Computer specialist, Edward Snowden is starting in your mid 20’s than he is in 2009 at the US-intelligence service NSA. The work for the “most important Signal intelligence Agency of the United States,” he calls in his book “Permanent Record” (Permanent record) of a “dream job”. He describes how he encounters in his work for the secret service on “stellar wind”, “the darkest secret of the NSA.”

The “stellar wind”program has had to the USA after the terrorist attacks of September 11. September 2001. Snowden notes that there is, claiming otherwise than officially, never finished, but was for the NSA is an Instrument of “mass surveillance”: “technology was not used to defend America, but to control America”, writes Snowden.

Memories of Nazi Germany

The huge data collection by the NSA is reminiscent of the young American spy to the practices of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. Snowden will have to dig through more and more secret Material and has a PRISM – a program for the U.S., with the American and foreign communications skims. Snowden writes, as he realized, “that the Situation, if my Generation does not ride against the screw-in, would escalate”.

Snowden decides to pass his information on the work of the US secret service to journalists, to be the Whistlebower. The revelations of 2013, a hit worldwide, Snowden detects a pattern: “The countries, whose citizens the American mass surveillance were most critical were those whose governments have cooperated most closely with her.” As a “Prime example” is the name Snowden in Germany.

In the NSA investigative Committee, Patrick Sensburg (li), inviting Angela Merkel as a witness

In fact, the Germans learned through the Snowden releases that the Federal intelligence service (BND) has supported the NSA Collecting it. The Public is furious because the NSA even bugged the Chancellor’s cell phone. Angela Merkel declared in 2013: “not spying between friends, that’s all.” The Snowden findings should be investigated: in 2014, the German Parliament NSA inquiry Committee.

Sensburg: Snowden has put a Finger in the wound

The chair of the law Professor and the CDU accepts-politician Patrick Sensburg. Today, the city says that Snowden has brought up in Germany, “many moving parts”, so the citizens are now more sensitive in dealing with data. Snowden’s Material was not have been particularly “content deep”, so Sensburg, the Committee was then entered, but to reveal what is “not legally protected”. Also the German secret services had illegally tapped data of citizens “” and it was good to get out of Snowden, “the Finger in the wound”, says the former Committee Chairman. In the result, in 2016, among other things, a Reform of the BND, it was decided to act.

The city has thought about the motives of Snowden. The German politician believes that Snowden acted out of “Patriotic reasons”, from the Conviction “he must do for his country”. This impression Snowden also explained in his book “Permanent Record,” which he aware on 17. In September, the American Constitution day, published. Snowden believes that the U.S. intelligence services would be in breach of the Bill of Rights, would have hacked “the Constitution”. He wanted to make public.

The city has also written a book. 2017 was the. Title: “Among Friends”. Topic: NSA Committee Snowden.

What does not understand the city: why Snowden became a Whistleblower, why is he believed to to the Public, “his country will help”. Snowden writes in his book, internal Information, i.e., “the chain of command” for him was out of the question. The practices of the NSA would be long “structure is immanent”, to become an ideology: “My superiors were not only aware of what the authority did, but shared active the commands. They were accomplices,” writes Snowden.

Whistleblowing in Germany

Edward Snowden biography “Permenant Record, My story” is published in German by S. Fischer Verlag.

Snowden has given classified documents to the Public – that would have been in Germany a criminal Offence. Since the NSA affair has created a new way of speaking within the German secret service work. Employees can apply now directly to the Parliamentary control Committee, the deputies Committee for the intelligence services. And this happens already.

Also in dealing with whistleblowers outside the intelligence services has done since Snowden in Europe. The EU has regulated that all larger companies need to set up a contact point for whistleblowers and in Germany, the law allows for this year, a “trade secret” if it “is suitable to protect the General public interest”.

Patrick Sensburg argues generally for other ways, but accepts the Whistleblowing as a “last resort” as a last resort. If Snowden was in this Situation? The city had asked him to came in a statement before the Committee but never made it. Although there has been discussion about Snowden as a witness to consult on a concrete road Sensburgs Committee, and Snowden’s attorneys could not communicate.

In “Permanent Record” accuses Snowden of Europe’s governments, not for him used. 27 States, including Germany, had he asked for political asylum: “Not a single one of them was ready for the pressure of America resist,” writes Snowden. The Whistleblower Edward remains Snowden is probably the first time in Moscow, where he wanted to require, according to the book, 2013 on the way to Ecuador.