Italy’s political roller coaster starts again


The social Democrats split. What does this mean for the “Anti-Salvini-coalition” in Rome? In four weeks, you must submit an EU-compliant budget for the crisis the country of Italy.

Goodbye PD: Matteo Renzi leaves the social Democrats. Italy’s coalition is unstable

The new Italian government is just once a week in the office and one of the three coalition parties split. The social democratic Senator Matteo Renzi announced in a newspaper interview, to leave his “democratic party (PD)” and start a new movement. About 20 members from the first chamber of Parliament, and of around 10 senators from the second chamber will follow him well.

A new government crisis now threatens? Matteo Renzi himself says no. He did call on Monday the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, and assured him that the renegade MPs would continue to support the fragile coalition of populists (5 star), social Democrats (PD) and the small left party (LeU). Together, they have prevented that there will be new elections and the radical right-wing party leader and Ex-Minister of the interior Matteo Salvini take over the government, wrote Matteo Renzi on his “Facebook”page. “We have achieved a victory in Parliament and against Salvini, in order to save Italy. But that’s not enough.” Renzi announced that he wants to build a “new house, to policy, to tackle different.”

Party chief: the Prime Minister, Conte must now hold four groups in his coalition together

Renzi wants to know it again

Matteo Renzi may not have the wound, that he joined in December 2016, after a lost Referendum as a Prime Minister, and later the party Chairman at the social Democrats had to give up. The 44-year-old politician, belonged to the more right wing among the social Democrats and was constantly clashes with the current party leader Nicola Zingaretti, who represents the left wing. Many Italian commentators to say to Renzi, he wants to be again Prime Minister, to press ahead with its 2014 begun reforms.

With the populist 5-star movement, under the leadership of Minister for foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio to Renzi can’t do anything. Nevertheless, he wants to vote with the coalition in Parliament. “Di Maio not convinced me,” said Renzi of the newspaper “La Repubblica”. “You can’t do all the political work by voting in the Internet. For me, politics is something else than to follow an algorithm.” So Renzi alluded to the fact that the 5-star your members on a private Internet platform called “Rosseau” about the coalition, and many other laws to the vote.

Renzi announced that he intends to develop with his followers in the Parliament, a Vision for the future and then a new party. How is this supposed to mean, not betrayed by the social-democratic rebel. Him a little about how the movement “En marche” the President of France Emmanuel Macron before floating well, it is called in Italian Newspapers.

Protests of the radical Right in front of the Italian Parliament: For 19. October is announced a large-scale demonstration

A majority in the Senate is shaking

How quickly the split in the social Democrats, will have an impact on the specific government, is unclear. In the first chamber, the house of deputies, the government coalition will retain its majority even without Renzi’s force. In the Senate, the second and equally important chamber, it is, however, scarce. The coalition, which also includes the small left-wing party “Liberi e Uguali” would have, probably only a wafer-thin majority of one seat. Most important task is the adoption of the budget for 2020 that can be adopted by the EU-Commission is according to the words of the Prime Minister, Conte, is an independent,. Italy is highly indebted and would have to urgently boost its economy and cut public expenditure. A few days ago, the new Italian Minister of Finance, Roberto Gualtieri (PD) had Meet his counterparts from the EU at an informal meeting in Helsinki, a “stable government” promised to the wool to enforce a EU-compliant budget, if you get a little more time.

Northern League chief Salvini can wait: He wants new elections, then self-government chief

Salvini is happy

The radical right-wing party leader of the “Lega”, the former interior Minister, Matteo Salvini triumphed in the meantime, “Twitter”: “First, he (Renzi) collects the Items, then he founds a new party. Sad, what he is doing to save his chair. The time is merciful. The Italians will punish the seller.” Salvini relies on the fact that it comes to a possible government crisis, but still quickly to new elections. He would win according to the opinion polls, which are not in Italy, but very reliable at the Moment.

The party leader of the social Democrats, Nicola Zingaretti, has no understanding for the Act of his rival, Matteo Renzi. “This is a mistake,” wrote Zingaretti on “Twitter”. “We now need to think about the future of the Italians, and the need for a new Agenda and a new hope through good governance and a democratic party renewed social.”