Image-editing-Apps put to the Test: “Rookie Cam”


Who wants to be photographed with your Smartphone and quickly share beautiful results to share, you need effective Tools for image editing. DW Digital life tests the most popular Apps. This Week: “Rookie Cam”.

“Rookie Cam” is available as a free Download for IOS and Android available. Filters and special effects can be purchased through In-App purchases.

“Rookie, Cam” has a variety of editing options: brightness and contrast, temperature can adjust, hue, saturation, and color also. Images can be cropped, rotated, mirrored, or soft drawn.

Big Plus of the App is the free available filters and the different textures are tickling, light effects on photos placed, entirely new possibilities out of them. With the double exposure tool, two photos can be placed on top of each other, which makes for nice effects. Also useful: The photos can be color or alienated post-processed.

For friends of gizmos, there is the possibility to insert shapes, e.g., letters on the photos, fully opaque, or transparent, or to provide images with Text and stickers.

The operation is very simple. You can start at any point of the chronology back without from the front. In connection with the images, if desired, the same in the Apps store.

Top 3 Pros:
– Simple, intuitive operation
– really great selection of editing options even in the free version
– great filters and light effects

Top 3 Cons:
– the most exciting filters and lighting effects are subject to a fee

– Photos will only be exported as JPEGs

– the used Tools can’t be traced

Price: free Version for IOS and Android, an additional filter package for €3,49 purchase. There are also Upgrade packages for €9.99 or €16,99.

Manufacturer: JellyBus Inc