Vuelta: a professional cyclist Ezquerra power in the race of marriage


120. the standings played Jesús Ezquerra’s not a big role at the Vuelta. Nevertheless, the Spaniard provided one of the moments of the tour of Spain,: with a very special marriage proposal – on the road.

All knew, only one Person, apparently: All the team mates left behind the field of riders drop back, two motorbikes of the Spanish television is brought in Position, the team vehicle of the Spanish team Burgos-BH, it was already. And Jesús Ezquerra, of course, was also there. Only his girlfriend, who was sitting in the back of the team vehicle, was unaware of what was going on right now.

On the 21. and the last stage of the Vuelta 2019 from Fuenlabrada in the Spanish capital Madrid left the Peloton, similar to the final stage of the Tour de France to Paris – for a while. Time enough for Jesús Ezquerra his romantic Plan into action. Supported and accompanied by his entire Team, he drove the team vehicle and pulled out a small Box with a Ring he had in his shirt pocket, hidden. The reaction of his girlfriend spoke for themselves:

The 28-Year-old from a second-rate Team Burgos-BH has had success with his approach. His girlfriend said “Yes”, reports in the Spanish media about the unusual proposal of marriage on the road. Sporty Ezquerra was far less noticeable: He came at the end of the 120. Rank in the overall classification in his Home tour.