US auto workers strike on General Motors


For the first time in twelve years, the trade Union UAW from calling a nationwide strike at U.S. car maker General Motors. The company shows no understanding.

Get in position: employee in front of a General Motors factory in Flint, Michigan, near Detroit

As of midnight (local time) from Sunday to Monday, the tapes will be brought in several plants in the United States to a standstill, as the United Auto Workers Union (UAW) announced. The strike affects around 48,000 workers.

The call for a strike was decided at a Meeting of trade Union representatives from across the country in Detroit. According to the “Wall Street Journal” it would be the largest strike at General Motors (GM) for more than a decade.

After midnight is to go into the production of General Motors, nothing more (archive image)

The last agreement with the company over working conditions and wages from the year 2015, from the delivery according to the trade Union information on Saturday. The UAW did not want to renew. Since July, negotiations on a successor contract, the talks are stuck in a cul-de-SAC, so the representation of the interests of GM employees. It calls for higher wages and better health insurance, a participation in the profits as well as employment security and rules for the Acquisition of temporary workers.

A lack of understanding by the group

GM emphasized that it had offered the Union more than seven billion US dollars of investment and, in addition, wage increases for each of the next four years. Therefore, it is “disappointing” that the Union leadership for a strike.

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Without GM Youngstown dies

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Without General Motors Youngstown (04.12.2018)dies

“We do not do lightly,” said Union Deputy Terry Dittes. “This is our last resort.” Dittes reminded of concessions in 2009, which helped GM to overcome financial problems: “We have held on to General Motors, as the us, the company is most needed.”

A strike could quickly lead to the GM production in North America must be shut down. This would also make the U.S. economy as a whole. The Union should come up with GM to reach an agreement could have on negotiations with the other two US car companies, the so-called “Big Three”, Ford and Fiat Chrysler, impact.

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