Hong Kong is in a state of permanent confrontation


Many young Hong Kong protesters have radicalized, as you can see in the right opposite of your opinion, stubborn management. Some police officers are now worn down by the duration of the confrontation.

They are dressed in black, wearing helmet and gas mask, erect street barricades, throwing paving stones and Molotov cocktails. The Hong Kong government called “the perpetrators of violence, the use of terrorist methods”. They refer to themselves as “braves,” so Brave, Fearless. The DW has spoken with two Represented the violent protesters, a is called M. he is a graduate of a fresh-baked, high-school, A Jun,, also this is not his real Name, has just found a Job. Both men are early 20’s and stand in confrontation with the Hong Kong police in the first series. “The government ignored the voice of the population. She is responsible for the duration of the protests,” says M.

“The target between protesters and Hong Kong government”

“It is important that the escape route is always”

The protest movement in Hong Kong has no leader, but there are several action groups, and their leaders were constantly in contact and coordinated the next steps, told A Feb. The activists are networked with each other via Social Media. “Pupils, students, teachers -, we discuss prior to each Demo all the eventualities and to share the work. Important here, the escape route is always.”

Also on Sunday, thousands of mostly black-masked protesters fought a cat-and-mouse game with the police in the street canyons of Hong Kong’s business and tourist centre. The police used water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets. 89 people have been arrested since June, there were 1500 arrests. Against 44 Suspects a criminal breach of the peace runs.

Use of V-people

The police are trying to identify the group leader with the help of infiltrated undercover agents, including A Jun is convinced. Some of the members had already been to undercover investigations arrested. In its group, the number of participants have drastically decreased from 60 to 20. “The activists are brutally beaten, they suffer bleeding in the brain or fractures of the rib cage. Why the police had to apply took a lot of violence at the festival?” asks A Jan. “The police defended the unjust System. We need to perform resistance,” adds M..

According to official figures, Hong Kong has 30,000 police officers. For months, they are in constant use. “80 to 90 percent of the police officers are angry at the protesters,” says police officer Tom who does not want to tell the DW to its name. The majority of his colleagues believe that the government was not sufficiently received on the receivables, the protests and the aggressive handling of the police had been instigated by the Americans.

Food for the Belief in a U.S. conspiracy behind the protests

Frustration in the police force

But Tom is of a different opinion. He supported the Pro-democracy movement, also takes part in protests, when he has no service. He, however, retains for herself. “Expresses a different opinion than the official one, you are punished.” The arrest of people who violate the law, was in order. But the application of the police power must be proportionate. “It went too far, as tear gas in a subway Station was fired.” Tom is considering to quit his Job. Excessive police brutality would lead to an irreparable schism in the society, thus his conclusion.

Also, “Peter”, also a police officer, is sympathetic to the democracy movement. At the same time it makes him sad that the city was stormed Parliament of rioters and protesters using laser pointers on the eye of police officers specifically. “The demand for direct elections is not impossible, the implementation needs but your time,” he says to a core demand of the movement. For a other demand of the protesters-namely, Amnesty for the Arrested, he has no understanding. Impunity for law-breakers would speak to Hong Kong’s rule of law a mockery.

The nearly four-month confrontation has also worn down Peter, he, too, wants to throw down on a Job. “The problems will still exist for a long time.” He would no longer stand as a target between the angry citizens and the administration.

Counter-demonstration by Pro-Chinese of Hong Kong citizens

“No VBA”

Currently, it is speculated that in Hong Kong, whether the municipal administration to 1. In October, the 70-year anniversary of the people’s Republic of China, the emergency calls, if the violence does not escalate the rallies even further. Then the people’s liberation army could be deployed in Hong Kong. “Then we go home and watch,” says M. could only go to protest, if you stay free, and alive.