Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Star of the global literary scene, and a feminist


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichies novel “Americanah” made them world famous. She is currently seen on the British Vogue magazine. She fights for feminism in Africa and around the world.

It is a comparatively small price, with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Sunday (15.09.2019), to your 42. Birthday, in Kassel, Germany, was awarded. The Nigerian writer received – such as in front of her, among others, Ai Weiwei and Edward Snowden – the citizen’s prize “glass of reason” as “a combative, but not fanatical personality, the anprangere, but also ways to change show”. It was a “grass-roots thing,” a matter for the citizens of the Hessian town, so she is looking forward, in particular, said Adichie in conversation with Deutsche Welle. Because prices can be encouraged that what you do, make a difference, and that it was going to be important next.

Doubt should you actually have. Adichies books and political struggle against sexism and racism are no longer a phenomenon, it would be only for her home country of Nigeria. As it occurred during the International literature festival in Berlin, she was cheered like a pop star. Minutes of the audience in the theatre “Hebbel am Ufer celebrated” the author, as these entered the stage. The series title “The Art of Writing” (The art of writing) under which your event was announced to sound more theoretical than popular. But the listeners, including striking a lot of women mane with an attractive Afro, knew their Star, Adichies books – and particularly your TED Talks, the video recordings had anchored the feminism in pop culture.

Megacity of Lagos in Nigeria from the air

A dual-career between Uni and Writing

Short stories and first novels published in 1977 in an academic family in southern Nigeria-born Adichie, already during their studies. At 19 she went to the USA to study in Philadelphia politics and communication Sciences. In 2003, a Master’s degree in Creative Writing, in 2008, one in African studies at Yale University. followed After that, the doors of the best academic addresses were open: in 2005 she was a Fellow-scholar at Princeton, 2011/12 at Harvard University. In these years she became a border Crosser between the United States and her home country of Nigeria in literature and in real life. Even today, she divides her time between the two countries.

Adichie on the Cover of Vogue, photographed by Peter Lindbergh

Already in 2003 published debut novel “Purple Hibiscus” (German 2005, the “Blue hibiscus”), a from the perspective of a 15-Year-old told story that plays out in the political turmoil in Nigeria in the 1990s, won awards. Her second novel “Half of a Yellow Sun” (2007, “half of The sun”) moved Adichie in the 1960s of the 20th century. Century, when the Region of Biafra strove to Nigeria’s sovereignty in 1960, the own independence.

“Americanah” novel of a border Crosser

The world renowned best-selling author she made her 2013 published novel “Americanah”. In Berlin, las Adichie just out of her in 37 languages, translated classic, the bears in all Translations of the same title – he is back in Nigeria common name for the returnees from the USA. The strongly autobiographical-influenced novel about an African woman who lives between the USA and Nigeria, brought her international recognition and many awards.

Entertaining, but with great analytical clarity of the rituals of discrimination and emphasized liberality describes “Americanah” to the Blacks in the United States. The extensive Text with its socio-political concerns, and not just in the United States are currently stressed Adichie in conversation. “There is racism against people of African descent in various regions of the world. But it is not just about race, it’s also about what image of themselves in an environment that a as not to the center belonging to the defined. It is a Problem of the periphery and the centre.”

“More Feminism!” – a lecture Adichie to the Internet-Star

Another big issue Adichies of feminism is. “I was as a child, a feminist, even before I knew the word,” she says. “When I outed myself in a TED Talk as a feminist, I spoke easily about something that I’ve always been.” Your Talk of 2012 “We should all be feminists have” (“More feminism!”) Made quite a splash, says you especially. “Especially since I held him in front of an African audience, and assumed that he would be more likely to be included hostile.” The speech was legendary, and millions of people you have seen in the Internet, and even pop singer Beyonce quoted a few short passages from it in her Song “Flawless”. At the Landestheater Salzburg, the Manifest is staged as a piece.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie read in Berlin and was cheered

“Love Ijeawele”: For an education against the role of attribution

The fight against female role reversals, sexism, and discrimination Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie leads with a lot of determination, but also, and especially, charm. “I don’t swear out loud, because I know that I won’t then,” she explains your understanding. Instead, she writes and talks about “how our daughters self-determined women can be”. In her last book, “love Ijeawele” by 2017 (“Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions”) from submit to them proposals for a feminist education.

The advice would need to be addressed, but also and predominantly to men, makes them in an amusing way: “We cannot change anything if we speak about boys and men. You know, we need to find the good men, in order to spread the message!”

Lindbergh’s portrait of a “brave” woman

Adichie is a Star of the global literary scene, but also as a feminist. Her portrait is one of the fifteen that adorned the Cover of the September issue of British Vogue, the Duchess Meghan as a guest editor has been involved. The recordings of “brave”, dedicated women, among the last of the photographer Peter Lindbergh. “We understood each other splendidly”, says the author. “They had to pull him literally from me, so that he could continue to take pictures – because we just talked and laughed.”