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Why must a tragedy before the (football)is watching the world? The self-immolation of the young Iranian Sahar Khodayari alias #blue girl also reveals the helplessness of FIFA, says Joscha Weber.

In the case of the 2018 world Cup in Russia, they celebrated themselves and their team in the stadium – Iran’s female football fans

Sahar Khodayari was the message that was so important to her, the most valuable thing she had – her life. On 1. September, the 29-year-old Iranian doused himself in front of the Islamic revolution court in Tehran with petrol and lit himself. You should go to prison, because she had attended football games – what is not allowed for women in Iran still. Sahar Khodayari wanted to put a sign, a tragic and sad. However, this is the ultimate cry for help remained unheard. While in the social networks, great interest manifested in the fate of the due to their blue clothes in the stadium #blue girl mentioned wife, son-in-law of the world football Association.

For nine days, the FIFA needed to respond to this fact, which throws a dark shadow over the football. In a Statement, FIFA condolences on Tuesday Khodayaris family and friends and called on the Iranian authorities “to ensure the freedom and safety of all women involved in this legitimate struggle for ending of the stadium ban on women in Iran”. Right words, but only words.

FIFA is doing so, as you were bound at the hands

DW sports editor Joscha Weber: “An embarrassing presentation of the FIFA”

In addition to the representatives in Iran’s government, the judiciary and the football Association, the cling to a completely indiskutables, yesterday’s picture of the world with crude gender-role images that disgraced the FIFA to forces. A member of an Association actively supports that half of the population is allowed to see no football games and the billion-dollar world Association of doing so, as he would be bound to the hands. A few tentative Appeals in the direction of Tehran, more do not trust the guardians of world football apparently.

While FIFA has been, in other contexts, faster active: In the past years, FIFA has suspended the federations of Greece, Sudan, and Sierra Leone (in each case, due to interference of politics in football), and Pakistan (due to a seizure of the Association’s property by a court appointed administrator). But if women end up for the visit of a football match in prison, this is for FIFA not a penalty value. An embarrassing idea.


Crude world: Only very rarely, women have officially the right to attend football games.

FIFA announced on Wednesday the journey of an observer Delegation in Iran and Iranian authorities women for the next international match game at 10. October against Cambodia), allowed (for all other games but still must be put safely in the category of “pressure from the boiler can”. For nearly 40 years, the ban is supposed to protect women, according to the official version, the sight of half-naked men, and vulgar Expressions in the environment of the game is in Iran.

In a couple of Games women were allowed since then, in the arenas, in others they were punished exactly hard to get it. And now FIFA is striking that this is actually quite discriminatory. If you want to change something, it needs massive political pressure and serious penalties. It is time, turning what in the dealing of FIFA with Iran. And maybe named then one day, an Iranian stadium after a real heroine of the domestic football: Sahar Khodayari.

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Iran: Courageous women in the stadium

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Iran: Courageous women in the stadium