The fear of the agents in front of Donald trump’s talkativeness


For years, a U.S. spy was sitting apparently right in the Kremlin. He was, however, deducted from Russia’s centre of power. The case is symptomatic of the dysfunctional relationship between the US President, Trump and his secret services.

Even before he took office in January of 2017, Donald Trump criticized regularly by the US secret services. Barely in office, he hired the Expertise of its agents on several occasions to publicly question and meant, it prefer to believe which you should spy on. One of the biggest Affronts: The CIA had come to the conclusion that Russia had with the US presidential elections of 2016 in-between moment. However, after Meeting with the Russian President in July 2018 in Helsinki, he announced that Putin had assured him that Russia had nothing to do with it and he can see no reason why it should be so.

Now the tense relationship between the US President and the secret service has apparently reached a further low point. The CNN has reported that the CIA had to give up a very valuable source: a spy in the Kremlin, so in the midst of Russia’s centre of power.

According to CNN, the US feared secret service, the President or someone else in the White house could circumvent careless with sensitive information. In other words: The CIA would abandon your best informants, because they could not trust the President.

“Misleading Speculation”

As CNN reported, a Meeting of Trump with the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in may 2017, the reason for the agent to deduct. In the process, Trump had apparently information with a high level of secrecy regarding the language.

The President of Trump and Putin in Helsinki: What does the word of the CIA is?

Both the White house and the CIA rejected the television report. The spokesperson of the White house, Stephanie Grisham, calling the CNN searches “inaccurate”. The reporting had “the potential to bring people into a life of danger”. And CIA spokeswoman Brittany Bramell called the allegation that the handling of the President with secret information about the alleged withdrawal of an agent have led to a “misleading speculation”.

A representation that is supported by the reports of U.S. daily Newspapers “News York Times” and “Washington Post”, at least in one point: according to this, the secret service would have the Kremlin-spy as early as 2016, from Russia want to get out of get before Trump was President. The spy had been, but only after the media had speculated that there was a mole in Moscow, had provided the CIA with important evidence for the interference of Russia in the elections of 2016.

Messages that do not want to hear the President

No matter whether the CIA looked through trump’s Meeting with Lavrov forced to Act or not: trump’s relationship with his secret service people remains difficult – especially when it comes to Russia. Suzanne Spaulding is an expert on Internal security at the “Center for Strategic and International Studies” (CSIS) in Washington. From their point of view, the US is Worried intelligence less, that Trump’s secrets to kiss and tell, but rather that the President gives them no Faith, and more people like Vladimir Putin does not trust.

CIA-Centrale in Langley: without the spy in the Kremlin “quasi-blind”?

The Problem, Spaulding, does not stir, therefore, that the secret services always deliver the messages, the wants to hear the President. The result is that their Expertise was not in demand, as in Helsinki a year ago.

No setback for the secret service

Similarly, Ian looks Brzezinski of the Washington think-tank “Atlantic Council”: Trump “is clearly a President, don’t like it, if it is objected to”. But – in comparison to its predecessors – more friendly attitude towards Putin and the criticism of the own intelligence services did not mean that the United States would continue intelligence activities in Russia. “There are no signs that Trumps eloquence has led to a realignment of our intelligence priorities, when it comes to Russia,” says Brzezinski.

According to CNN and the New York Times has supplied from Moscow was sent to spy for decades, the United States, with information from the Kremlin. Be deduction have made the CIA for Russian Attempts to influence the midterm elections of 2018, and the presidential elections in 2020, “quasi-blind”.

Atlantic-Council-expert Brzezinski warns but before that, to refer to these personnel as a major setback for the US secret service. “Bad is that things from this Operation are known. The secret service never work well.” More important, however, that the Kremlin-spy appears to have delivered some very good information.