Worship on 15.09.2019 from the parish Church of “Sankt Marien” in Braunschweig


From the parish Church of “Sankt Marien” in Braunschweig-Querum on Sunday, the 15. September 2019, from 10.05 PM live the Catholic worship, transferred.

Sermon on the parable of the “merciful father”

In his sermon, pastor bernward Mnich engages the open end of the well-known parable of the “merciful father”. The father is happy about the return of his lost younger son, but his older son, makes him of serious allegations. A scene, which is to think today, she says, but of relations between people and, not least, between man and God.


Musically with the worship of the women’s ensemble is designed as part of Elke Jöchner. In addition, the choir of the Church singing under the direction of Andreas Kling, who also plays the organ. To listen Julia Oppermann (flute), Josephine Tietz (Cello) and John Kling (bass) are.


The Sankt-Marien-Kirche in Braunschweig stands out due to its unusual Appearance: it is reminiscent of the prow of a ship. The Church of light clinker is at the southern tip of a 20 m high, on the North side only 9 m. Inside the Church is decorated in 2018, according to a design by the artist, Lilian Moreno Sánchez completely new. It is a bright and inviting space is created. A special feature of the banner in the ground: The “Magnificat” (Luke’s gospel to 1.46 b-55) enclosing the assembled congregation in worship.