The House of Commons: In the forced leave in anger


Full of displeasure had forced holiday agreed with the British house of Commons again towards the elections in October. Boris Johnson, in turn, does not want to ask the EU-a Brexit-extension. From London, Barbara Wesel.

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Brexit-Chaos and no end











Brexit-Chaos and no end

The bitter dispute on this, the last day of the session of the British Parliament ends with a Masquerade: Conservative MP over throw the ceremonial robes and move into the neighboring house of lords, and from there into the forced-vacation send. The Opposition, however, remains in their places. Here and there signs are seen: “Silenced.” What’s not entirely true, because in the meantime, the Welsh and the Scots begin to sing suddenly: “shame on you.” Each home club would be happy.

This “Prorogation” is actually a short ritual interruption of the Parliament’s everyday life, before the Queen’s speech of a new legislative session begins. The break usually lasts a few days. Only Prime Boris Johnson has extended to five weeks, his Brexit strategy without parliamentary oversight through. And still no one knows what it actually leads up to.

Quarrels and insults

Until well after midnight and emotions are running high. A member of flappt arms like a chicken, because Boris Johnson and his supporters insult the Opposition as a “Chicken” dam, as cowards. Insults fly between the benches-and-forth, a Scottish member of Parliament call the Prime Minister a rogue, a Tory abused Labour, because the party did not vote for Theresa may’s exit deal. These were the Tory hard-liners, who brought the agreement to the case.

“The political System is broken”, the forced holiday for the Parliament is “undemocratic”, the so-called Advanced “to promote the right-wing” because they delay the Brexit – the accusations and insults will be distributed from all sides. And Boris Johnson is mad because his last Chance for a snap election then.Only the faithful of his own party have voted in favour of the Opposition and the rebels have predominantly contain and the result is far from the necessary two-thirds majority. He loses the sixth vote within six days.

Brexit-Boris: tough and fearless

Johnson unloads his Anger on the head of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn: for Years, he had asked for new elections, now he wants to give the citizens a voice. What is bullshit, finally, the last elections are only two years. “He can’t hide it permanently,” said the Prime Minister, but the Opposition has no such intention. She wants to hold elections only a month later, to avoid a hard Brexit at the end of October, and to do Boris Johnson any favors.

This is since last week in election campaign mode, and raises the profile of Brexit-Boris, hard-hitting and fearless, in order to unite as far as possible all votes for the EU exit on. “In the time of a national crisis holds no options,” says in contrast, the liberal leader, Jo Swinson. At the same time, at the weekend, caretaker labour Minister Amber Rudd compliments you, you fish. The LibDems are currently living by Defectors from the ranks of the Tories and the Labour Party. A fearless voice to concerns that new elections would not solve the Brexit issue is probably, because the next Parliament could be so divided as the present one. The Deputy may well be right.

What is Boris Johnson doing now ?

The house is cleared out of the way, but what is Boris Johnson doing now? He feels the new law against a hard Brexit, which was on Monday, legally, not at all tied? “I’m going to apply for no delay in the Brexit”, emphasized the Prime Minister in the house of Commons. His advisers are looking for loopholes, it means to have the law or not. The opposite side has, in turn, already lawyers on call to tug Johnson, if necessary, before the Supreme court.

In the Morning the Premier had gone to Dublin to meet the Irish head of government. Leo Varadkar reminded him of the peculiarities of Ireland and that there can be without a Backstop is not an agreement with the EU. This applies to the Irish, and the rest of the EU, the more the Chaos in London is raging.

Boris Johnson and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar in Dublin

Boris Johnson said, however, that he wanted such an agreement, and there are dozens of ways to solve the Problem of the Backstop so you could keep the Irish border. Finally, the interpretation of Johnson’s Statements seemed to indicate that he could draw a special solution with EU rules alone, for Northern Ireland re-considered. In Dublin, however, the Premier made no specific proposal.

No ideas, no dealers, no time

Varadkar, in turn, gave his colleague a few uncomfortable truths along the way. There is no clean cut with the EU, because if the British were out, went to the negotiations with Brussels only. The UK can’t afford to live without trade agreements with its neighbors, which receive about 40 percent of all British exports. This is a fact that the hard Brexiteers in London don’t talk consistently.

He was going to go to the summit in Brussels and with the other heads of government for a Deal to complete, – said Boris Johnson, once again, both in Dublin as well as later in the lower house. Only we know but how it really works: The 27 not to negotiate with Boris Johnson. An agreement has to be about a week before ready for the table, so that it can be decided at the summit. And as the British government reports to be chief negotiator of the team, according to the newspaper, four people contracted to have, is completely open, who is to lead these difficult discussions for him at all. All of the employees, who brought with them experience from the last round are now added.

Mr. Speaker goes

Earlier on this eventful evening had announced John Bercow, nor his withdrawal from the presidency of the lower house. This is actually no Surprise, because he did not want to give up the office for a long time. But given the chaotic scenes of the night, the question of whether he and his powerful voice of authority, will not miss the Tumult, however, remains. His “Orrrderrr”Calls, after all, were world-famous. But before he can, the Tories saw off, goes Bercow myself.

John Bercow announces his resignation

Many party friends are so angry at the Speaker, whom they accuse of bias and rule violations that stick in his farewell tribute doggedly to their Seats. Wherein the right of the Conservatives themselves have now collected so many violations of the parliamentary Review, that you have to think about stones and glass houses.

So, if both parties are in the Parliament not to agree as to whether Bercow was an excellent or a negligent Speaker – the man and his colorful expression, and his weakness for colorful ties was at least a remarkable shape.

And he has thought about the thing with the withdrawal of course: by the end of October, he wants to stay in office, because after the Queens Speech at 14.10. the house is in need of an experienced Chairman, there is going to be moved. And besides, he ensures that his successor will be elected by this Parliament in which the hardliners are in the minority. This is sort of his parting gift to the house of Commons.