Comment: Speakers farewell, and the crisis in the Parliament


His “Orderrrr”- Call made him internationally famous: John Bercow was a patron of the British Parliament, the position has never been under attack like under Boris Johnson, says Barbara Wesel.

John Bercow has the mischief-maker behind the ears. Occasionally he gave in to the seduction of excessive rhetoric, and was much more than a Chairman, which covers just the agenda and the insults in the framework. He described himself in his farewell statement as a “Backstop of the backbenchers”, as someone who saw to it that the rights of the parliamentarians would not be swept away by the alpha animals on the government bench throughout. The house owes him thanks. But even the praise on the Speaker and his administration showed how insurmountable the ditches in British politics are now.

While the Opposition and moderate Tories assignor to the end of October, the John Bercow warm words donated, showed others on the Tory-Sitting open contempt. You can find this Speaker was biased in favour of the Opposition. He has used mainly for the rights of parliamentarians to a threatening and overbearing government.

Attack on the parliamentary system

The right-wing Conservatives wanted to take revenge and, therefore, the Tradition of throwing overboard that it makes against the Speaker in his constituency, no candidates. With the withdrawal of John Bercow came to its dismantling by his own party before. The power struggle between the government and the Parliament is now bitterly so, that the supporters of Boris Johnson are ready to make the last practice of the venerable house with the steamroller platform in order to pave the Premier of the railway for its Brexit.

DW correspondent Barbara Wesel

“We weaken this Parliament, at their own risk,” the Speaker of the deputies still on the way, before you had to go in by the Prime Minister prescribed five-week forced break. But the, the, this warning applies to in its hubris the ears. Boris Johnson would probably govern better, according to the nature of the strong men in Turkey, in Russia or elsewhere, without the annoying interference of the parliamentarians.

Propaganda campaign against members of Parliament

“Traitor to the will of the people” is on protest posters, which will be shown for weeks in Westminster. The perfidious word choice comes from the right of the mass press, the telling, in conjunction with the head of the government, the citizens, the Parliament is a useless talking-shop, where just pointless time wasted, rather than the will of the Majority for a quick and as hard Brexit implement. Deputies minimize, you cowards, morons and procrastinators, now belongs to the standard repertoire of Boris Johnson.

And thus it lays the axe to the roots of parliamentary democracy. The representatives of the people are not a pure executor of the majority will of their respective constituencies. They are committed to the citizens and the common good to the best of our Knowledge and belief. Even if in Nottingham a majority should vote to jump out of the plane, so it is the task of their members, to explain to people that not carry parachutes on Board. And if you still want to jump you, if necessary, to stop.

The have tried the deputies in the lower house with their law against a hard Brexit at the last Minute. Many of them had probably underestimated even the difficulty of the exit from the EU when they voted two years ago for its implementation. But in the meantime, the project has proved to be a strong political poison that is eating away at British politics from the inside. And for their efforts to prevent an economic and political crash, the Member of Parliament in the pillory. Insults and death threats in social media are now part of everyday life.

The mother country of democracy dismantled itself

Britain was always proud of the age of its institutions, its traditions and sometimes bizarre rules. The reputation as the mother country of a stalwart democracy was part of the reason was the British Images, was part of the political reputation abroad. Since the beginning of the Brexitkrise but the British lost first the Reputation, sanity and managed to be pragmatic. And now, the horrified neighbors see how the government in London creates its own democratic institutions are lame, their Reputation damaged and their Functioning more difficult.

The deputies in the lower house and must now go on mandatory leave and can do up to just before the Leaving date, nothing more. You have tried everything to bind to, Boris Johnson is still the hands. But whether the new law against a disorderly Brexit is strong enough, the Prime Minister of slowing down, is uncertain. But above all, the Parliament is defenseless against it, to be on the siding pushed in. In the next few weeks, the Prime Minister in London can make what he wants, because there is no democratic oversight. And that’s just in this head of government on the destruction of course is a very dangerous condition.