Image-editing-Apps put to the Test: “Photo Lab”


Who wants to be photographed with your Smartphone and quickly share beautiful results to share, you need effective Tools for image editing. DW Digital life tests the most popular Apps. This Week: “Photo Lab”.

Whether as Mona Lisa, Clown, or van Gogh with “Photo Lab” are your photos true works of art.

Photo Lab is available for free in the iOS App Store for iPad and iPhone available. The App is impressive with a wide selection of Filters and effects to your Selfies and other photos high-quality can edit. GIF-effects, and photo montages with the Sounds also bring a lot of fun for moving-picture Fans – your still life can be brought to life! The full functionality of the App is, unfortunately, only in the “Pro Version” available, which you can test three days free of charge.

The advantage of Photo Lab the price of the Pro Version. The monthly subscription is 3.99€ comparatively cheap. Also the annoying watermark that is annoying in the free Version of each edited photo, it disappears from the picture. Unfortunately, the Photo Lab provides all of the choice and little opportunity for self-development. While there are some Standard Tools, like Crop or color correction, otherwise, any and all filters and effects are produced with one click. The Software does the Job – what is suppressed, unfortunately, a little to the fun factor. If that doesn’t bothers you, you can have the Filters yet, a lot of fun. Because: on the Preset Filter you can rely on. The results can be seen.


Top 3 Pros:

  • Great selection of Tools
  • GIF-effects for the moving image
  • Cheap Pro Version

Top 3 Cons:

  • Advertising and watermark in the free Version
  • App is running partially, liquid
  • No documentation of the used Tools


Price: Free for iOS / Pro Version as a monthly payment: 3,99€

Manufacturer: VicMan LLC