British Airways – why the strike?


It is the first pilots strike in the history of British Airways, and the result is overwhelming: Around 145,000 passengers of the British airline should have this Monday the Check.

On normal days, more than 850 flights of British Airways (BA) start from airports in London and the surrounding area. This Monday it was as good as any. Because the pilots ‘ Union had called its members to strike, the line BA is equal to all the Connections.

This would not have been necessary, claimed a spokesman of the trade Union BALPA: “they had a different plan,” said Union chief Brian Strutton. In the case of the Airline it was, however, one had no choice but to delete almost all of the flights, because BALPA have not informed, how many pilots would go on strike.

British Airways and its 4.300 pilots fight for a long time to pay. “British Airways needs to Wake up,” said BALPA chief Strutton. The pilots would have had to accept in difficult times substantial wage cuts. Now, the airline should give back in times of Profit, too.

British Airways machine at the London City airport

Seven percent more profit

In the second quarter of this year, BA’s parent company, took it to IAG media information according to an operating profit of 960 million euros. That was almost seven percent more than in the same period of the previous year. The German competitor Lufthansa in the period a decline in profits to.

The pilots ‘ Union BALPA also wants to leave on Tuesday to go on strike. A third strike is planned for 27. September provided. However, both sides protested that they wanted to continue to negotiate. According to the pilots ‘ Union, a strike costs the equivalent of about 44 million euros.

British Airways had offered the pilot in July with a salary increase of 11.5 percent over three years. This was rejected by the Union, however. BA stressed that pilots of the Airline would lead to a “world class”-payment of around 200,000 British pounds (or 220,000 euros) in the year. BALPA, pointed to average salaries for the pilots of 90,000 pounds per year. Beginners who are earned only 26,000 pounds, would have to bear high training costs, estimated at £ 100,000 itself.

Passengers of British Airways in London

The strike affected passengers with BA refunds or transfers offered. However, the Airline is obliged to do so anyway due to the EU regulation on passenger rights. The British regulatory authority, called on BA to inform passengers about their rights. Only four weeks ago, were stranded due to computer problems at British Airways over 70,000 passengers and was entitled to compensation.

Broke at Aigle Azur

Meanwhile, around 13,000 passengers stuck in France, because the French airline Aigle Azur had to file for bankruptcy. Aigle Azur had declared last week for the bankrupt and all flights from the weekend deleted. Especially Connections from France to Algeria to be affected, it said, the government in Paris. But also flights to Portugal, Russia or Brazil are not started. On compensation, the traveler can not hope for the time being.

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