The street scooter is looking for his Chance in China


Deutsche Post sets for a long time on a climate-friendly package delivery, but the electric street scooter was not a pure success story. Now there is good news from the far East.

Deutsche Post wants to get with her street scooters wholesale in the Chinese market. Together with the local automobile manufacturer Chery, the Post is planning a custom electric delivery van designed specifically for China and possibly other countries. Both sides signed a Declaration of intent, stating that starting in 2021 in China every year, up to 100,000 E-vehicles should be built.

That would be a major step forward for the street scooter, as a comparison with the previous sales numbers. Only a week ago, the Bonn-based parent company of the group celebrated the 10,000. Electric truck. Experts value to the China project as a right step. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the University of Duisburg-Essen, speaks of a “great opportunity for street scooter”. Because, generally speaking, the Professor sees the car maker activities in the German Post-rather critical – the piece numbers are far too low and production costs too high. “By Chery, one could get away from the expensive Manufacturing to industrial series production”.

Towing Business

It’s been a few years, the street scooter called forth great enthusiasm in the German Post. At the time of the Ex-state monopoly has been celebrated for the Start-up of the established car manufacturers, a trick be beaten. But the Wind was rough. Last year, a street scooter service Bonn member of the management Board had to take his hat, this spring, things came to a head in exchange for street scooter itself. For some time the top management of the group is considering a sale of the division or a collaboration with another company.

Five years ago, Deutsche Post was celebrated for its entry into electric mobility

With the Chinese Partner could turn the tide. “The entry into the Chinese market is a significant milestone in the young history of street scooter,” said the new head of the Stromer-producer, Jörg Sommer. The Partner Chery, which is on China’s market for electric mobility, a large number stressed the strategic importance: “The close cooperation between Chery and Streetscooter will create opportunities for both sides to tap the world market, in particular, the EU and China,” said Chery CEO Yin Tongyue. Perspective view of street scooter out of a total investment of up to EUR 500 million. China takes over the financing and street scooter brings his Know-how, intellectual property, as well as his production experience in light commercial vehicles.

Around 10,000 E-vehicles, the Post has already, by the China business, it should be more

Also in other markets interested in

The first Streetscooter for the operation had taken over the Deutsche Post 2014, in the same year, the group had purchased the established in 2010, Aachen Start-up. The own use a not known number of external sales, for example, of public utilities. According to the evaluation of authorities in Duisburg to pay through the University of food are allowed in Germany only a total of about 11,700 street scooter. The Post daughter gives no insight into their business Numbers. According to experts ‘ estimates, the company writes, but has long been deep in the red, which is not the case of electric-Start-ups, however, unusual.

The foreign would be for the street scooter is not a completely new – in March, for example, was announced that a Japanese logistics buys companies 500 vehicles. The China-production would be in the direction of this impact, once again, underline. How strong is the new street scooter-in-chief the internationalization of Aachen is pushing for a further word message to be derived, The company is also considering a manufacturing facility in the United States. A special US-Version of the electric van should be running in the next two to three years in the United States from the tape, said a Post spokesman.

lh/rb (dpa, afp)