Please fasten your seat belts – G7 summit at the Start


The summit in Biarritz, a new tear can be make a sample for the international community. In the centre, US President, Trump is again. He is a negotiating partner or but – once again – disturber?

What could be nicer than a lunch at the bright summer sun on the terrace of a luxury hotel on the beach in the seaside resort of Biarritz. The host, French President Emmanuel Macron, a pushed that program point in the last Minute, to bring his first bilateral Meeting with the US President in the best atmosphere behind. Again and again he exercises his diplomatic skills on Donald Trump, trying to flatter the Americans and distract him, so that he blows up not meet as before in a fit of bad temper the whole summit.

We talk about the weather

“We have been friends for a long time,” said Trump on the sun terrace to its host. This asseveration, but appears doubtful in view of the fact that the US President had threatened prior to his departure to Biarritz again, he will raise duties on French wine “like you’ve never seen”. Background a new tax on large Internet has introduced companies such as Google, Amazon and others, the Macron. “These are great American businesses,” tweeted Trump, “I want France to taxed you. Very unfair”. Mind you it is about taxes on profits in France.

The venue of the G7 summit in Biarritz, the Hôtel de Palais

The winemakers in the major wine-growing regions of Bordeaux, 200 kilometers North from the site of the summit, in the hope that their President can avert the evil of them. Export for $ 3.6 billion French wine in the United States, and particularly medium-sized producers would be taken of such duties difficult. Wine is France’s second-largest Export article.

Welcome to the world of Donald Trump, threatens only his host and a few hours later of a long friendship talking. Emmanuel Macron mentioned, when you eat all the crisis issues on the Agenda. Syria, the Ukraine, the crisis with Iran, the world trade and the fires in the Amazon. The US President talked about the “perfect weather” in Biarritz. “The guests are fantastic, all come together, we will create a lot of this weekend”.

The only point on trump’s Agenda is a meeting in which he wants to persuade the G7 partners on measures to stimulate the world economy. The answer is already known: President Macron stated that he wanted to convince the partners that “tensions in trade for all of them are bad.” The aims directly at the Trump, and the last round in the worsening trade war with China.

Warnings from the Europeans

In a gloomy mood: EU Council President Donald Tusk

“The Biarritz summit will be a difficult test for the Unity and solidarity of the free world and its leaders,” said EU Council President Donald Tusk to the beginning of the meeting in an unusually gloomy message. It was uncertain whether the group could ever come to joint results, or it will only give senseless quarrels with each other. The last years have shown that it has become increasingly difficult to speak a common language and to cooperate. This could be one of the last moments, in which we have our political community can repair. Donald Tusk appeared in almost apocalyptic mood.

He mentioned the threats to the democratic order through authoritarian regimes, and the new nationalism. In addition, the climate crisis is the greatest current challenge: “The burning of the rain forest in the Amazon has become a further depressing sign of our times”. As the French President and the Irish government, the EU Council boss is questioning the EU-Mercosur free trade agreement that includes Brazil. “Here it comes to be or not to Be”, he could not imagine a harmonious ratification process for the agreement in the light of the conduct of the government of the Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro.

A tough Position to Tusk represents to Russia. Donald Trump had demanded that President Vladimir Putin is to Meet again in the G7 to invite. “Under no circumstances can we accept this logic,” the EU representative to the. The reasons for the exclusion of Russia, the annexation of the Crimea and other provocations, were still valid. In addition, Putin had not taken the path of democracy and therefore, in the case of the G7 nothing is lost. You should invite in the next year prefer to the Ukraine as a guest.

Just on the edge: the Brexit

Boris Johnson with his European Brexit negotiating partners or adversaries?

Donald Tusk will meet on Sunday for the first Time with the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He is ready to serious talks, he said, but not to the state of No come to help Deal. And he hoped that Johnson did not want “to be remembered as Mr. No-Deal, in the story”. The issue of Brexit plays in Biarritz in a supporting role, but will contribute inevitably to the General climate of poisoning.

And Boris Johnson hit back immediately, even in the approach to the summit. The Black-Peter-game when Bexit is the part of London in full swing. “I have absolutely not made it clear that I want a No-Deal and that we need to get rid of the Backstop from the contract. And if Mr Tusk does not want to be remembered as Mr. No-Deal, in the story, he needs to take that into account”. The fault is not in accordance with this representation to the EU, if the British are satisfied with the results of two years of negotiations. The message from London could not be clearer.

It is to be expected that Johnson will get enthusiastic consent from Donald Trump. The Meeting between the two scheduled for Sunday. The US President has supported the British even before he took office vigorous and is an avid supporter of Brexit because of the weakening of the EU. And a weak Europe makes Donald Trump’s life easier, because he can blackmail the individual member countries in trade and all other questions to your liking.

The bar of Biarritz

The mood is in Biarritz, and a little optimistic, and Emmanuel Macron is trying everything to make the Meeting not in dispute and irrelevance go. But the French President operates expectation management: “We are not maybe create everything we want, but will do our Best to guarantee our security, create more jobs and to fight the inequality of the suffering,” he said in a message to his Nation. You are not allowed to hang the bar from Biarritz to high.