G7: protesters play with Macrons head


A March of stolen portraits of mainly French in Bayonne to protest against their President. The demonstrations against the G7 summit to move closer to Biarritz, but remain largely peaceful.

On the advice of the police, the shop boarded up owners and pub landlords in the medieval city of Bayonne, their Windows and doors with wooden boards. They fear violent clashes between militant demonstrators and the police, who has the job, unannounced marches to dissolve right away. In the morning a few hundred protesters from the car, but in the old town in the shadow of the Gothic Cathedral. They wear official portraits of the French President and the G7-host Emmanuel Macron, and the head of Macrons to the bottom. “Macron announces, as President of the Rich a lot, but he hardly makes a real environmental policy. We want to show the difference between his Speeches and his Actions,” says Cecile Marchon, which has co-organized a climate protection organization the March of portraits. “He should not lie to us more.”

Enough blah blah from Macron: protesters demand Action, or his departure

127 portraits from Offices “collected”

In the months prior to the G7 summit, which takes place at the same time, in Biarritz, about six kilometers away, activists have lost 127 portraits from government offices in the whole of France, and to call can. This theft of up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 75,000 euros are available, theoretically. “In the past, but was accused no one,” says Cecile Marchon. The police holding back in Bayonne, and observed the protest March, the March of the portraits only from a distance. A martial hunts, Japanese looking motorcycle season, with police officers in heavy black equipment through the streets. The night before, the police used tear gas and water cannons, a non-notified Demonstration of violent protest, learning to dissolve the had thrown stones. 68 people were arrested.

The shops, the streets empty, the police on Patrol in Bayonne

Escalation possible

According to French media 98 people sit in the Moment after the protests of the last few days around Biarritz in pre-trial detention. You will mainly accused to have masked or to have objects that are added to the equipment of the “Black bloc”, so wooden clubs, gas masks, Slingshots, and the like. The justice in Bayonne, had set up more procedures. Temporary cells for 300 inmates were erected at the district court, 17 additional prosecutors parked. There is speculation that some of the militant G7-opponents could try to March on Sunday to the red safety zone in the totally sealed-off Biarritz. The organizers of the so far peaceful official demonstrations had, as a precaution, cancelled six smaller protests in villages around Biarritz, to avoid an escalation.

Fun to play against Macron: protester with a cardboard nose

With Humor against Macron

With a yellow T-Shirt, the protest color against the President of Macron, a protester from Biarritz to Bayonne. She is called Marianne. “As the heroine of the French Revolution,” said the woman slyly. She has placed a hand-knitted red Phrygian cap and a red cardboard nose glued on. “You have to approach with a sense of Humor against the G7-nonsense,” says Marianne. Emmanuel Macron, the President, thinks you’re lazy. The seats prefer to work on the beach as to. During the March of the stolen portraits she wanted to be. “I just hope that everything remains peaceful,” she says. “Many young people are very angry.”