A hat-trick! Lewandowski secures Bayern victory at Schalke


FC Bayern München’s first win of the season and FC Schalke 04 with 3:0 win. The Match-Winner Robert Lewandowski. When FC Schalke waiting meanwhile more on the first goal of the season.

Robert Lewandowski, after his third goal to celebrate.

FC Bayern Munich has gained the first victory in the current season hung. In an evocative encounter, the record champion won at FC Schalke 04 with 3:0. Match winner was clearly Robert Lewandowski, who scored all three goals. Only by penalty (20.), then from a free-kick (50.) and then, once again out of the game (75.) the Pole showed his class.

The Royal Blues were by no means without a chance and played especially in the second half, neatly. After 0:2 they developed in the meantime, a playful Overweight. At the end of the FC, the final lucky Schalke was missing, however. In several situations, it could also give a hand with a penalty for Schalke. But the whistle of referee Fritz remained silent, and the video referee is not a handle, and thus, the company is waiting for the two still Play on the first hit.

After about an hour, Coutinho made his much awaited debut at FC Bayern, but could put no accents.


You have missed the game in Gelsenkirchen? Then you can read here in the DW-live Ticker:



The final WHISTLE! FC Bayern through to the botched start to the season significantly at FC Schalke 04 and win by 3:0. The Gelsenkirchen will be annoyed to have from the interim urge phase after the second goal, no longer made. The match-winner Robert Lewandowski, who scored all three goals is clear.

92. Minute: Bayern again with the Chance. Only Alaba fails to Nübel, then Tolisso puts the Ball in the housing. So far in this season, only Robert Lewandowski to Bayern in the League…

90. Minute: It is by referee Fritz for three minutes on top of it.

88. Minute: Burgstaller claimed against Süle in the penalty area, gets the Ball, but then no players will be taught.

87. Minute: The game has become in the last few minutes, clearly calmed down. A cross from Perisic intercepts Nübel locker.

83. Minute: Even if the game it not suggests – Schalke plays a good second half! But Bayern will not let up. Also Coutinho is now trying to put accents.

82. Minute: Burgstaller makes for good Pass on in the direction of Bayerntor, umkurvt New and shoots the leather from a few metres to the posts! But again the Flag goes high. Off! That was a close one.

80. Minute: scary moment for FC Bayern. Kingsley Coman remain on the ground and needs to be treated. But it goes on for the injury-prone winger.

79. Minute: The home team is not on. Harit dribbles into the penalty area and puts on Caligiuri. The, however, in reserve – well above the goal.

77. Minute: This is bitter for FC Schalke 04. In the second half, the Royal Blues were at times really good in the match. However, the Munich-based, use cold in the Form of Robert Lewandowski, their chances.

77. Min: CHANGE at Bayern Munich. MARTINEZ comes on for Hernandez.

⚽ 75. Minute … spectators: goal for FC Bayern München. And again, it is LEWANDOWSKI! Coman will be sent on the right wing. The Frenchman laid the leather in the direction of the penalty area where Lewandowski austanzt his players Sane with receiving the ball, and the Ball dry flat spots. 3:0 for Bayern hat-Trick for Lewandowski!

74. Minute: Burgstaller wins after a good edge, the head ball duel against Süle and sends the Ball by Bouncing ball in the direction of the gate. However, the ball is once again the effort on goal too.

72. Minute: Alaba tanking through on the left wing. After a one-two pass with Lewandowski, he wants to send the Ball back from the byline for the striker to catch the fouls Keeper Nübel, rather than the Ball.

68. Minute: Bayern try the game again to calm down. The FC Schalke has worked in this game, but it need to be the goal, if still a bit to go.

65. Minute: The FC Schalke 04 starts here, beautiful football to play! In the last minutes, there were already several dangerous situations in the penalty area. The end, however, the Schalke Hand or foul play complained of.

63. Minute: free kick to Schalke on the penalty area border. Caligiuri shoots at the elbow of Perisic in the wall. It is violently claimed – but it is the corner. Also is dangerous: Nastasic free Header. Just over it!

61. Minute: CHANGE for Schalke: SANE comes in for Mascarell.

Robert Lewandowski (No. 9) after his goal to 1:0.

60. Minute: This must be the connection hit! Daniel Caliguri gets the Ball three meters in front of the empty gate and tried him to carry the chest into the net. The fails, but the wizard has, meanwhile, raised the Flag. Off.

58. Minute: Niko Kovac brings Coutinho and Perisic. For both it is the first game in the Jersey of Bayern. In particular Coutinho, you may be curious. Will be able to put on loan from FC Barcelona already accents?

57. Minute: CHANGE in Bavaria: PERISIC comes on for Gnabry.

57. Minute: CHANGE in Bavaria: COUTINHO comes on for Müller.

55. Minute: Schalke is not on. After a promising attack McKennie comes in the box for the conclusion. However, Pavard, the ball misses the target. This brings nothing.

53. Minute: CHANGE for Schalke: KUTUCU for Raman.

52. Minute: All the good intentions of the king, blue for the second round suffer a severe shock. For Lewandowski, it is meanwhile the fourth goal of the season – and we write only the second round.

⚽ 50. Minute: PENALTY for FC Bayern Munich. LEWANDOWSKI! Three steps to start-up, then he sunk the Ball on the free kick wall is irresistible in the angle. Nübel flying, but has no Chance. 2:0 for Bayern.

49. Minute: Schalke is much more agile and aggressive from the cabin. A bit too much of a Good thing, however, for a free-kick opportunity from 25 metres for Bayern..

46. Minute: More. No exchange on both sides.


Bayern Munich leads with 1:0 at FC Schalke 04. The record champion holds the control over the game, but comes to few scoring chances. The more of FC Schalke is likely to be on the penalty annoy that led to 1:0. A question remains: Does Niko Kovac in the second half, new signing Coutinho for more creativity in the offensive game?

The mid-term!

45. Minute: No Stoppage Time. There were also no major interruptions.

43. Minute: About Lewandowski and Coman gets the Ball in the penalty area on Tolisso. The takes the Ball worth seeing, turns, and pulls. However, the ball slipped to him over the instep and around the box.

42. Minute: Harit with a free from 20 metres. Manuel Neuer collects the Ball easily.

41. Minute: a minute before the break the game a little livelier. Schalke dare propagated in the opposing half. The open spaces for the record champion.

36. Min: A misplaced pass from Kimmich brings Schalke in a promising counter-attacking situation in possession of the ball. However, the Royal blue Department nearly there attacking the Ball as fast as you got it.

33. Minute: About 75 % ball possession for Bayern. The ball is moving around, alternating left and right around the Gelsenkirchen area.

29. Minute: A chance for the home side! A quickly raised attack Schalke Mascarell completes with a shot from 25 meters. But, as has Manuel Neuer, no Worries, the Ball misses the target.

25. Minute: The lead for the giants is because the game shares earned. Nevertheless, most of the attacks, the Munich-based ends with the rather uninspired balls towards opponent or goal.

⚽ 21. Minute: PENALTY for Bayern Munich. LEWANDOWSKI! The Pole remains on the penalty spot, ice-cold, and puts the Ball in the bottom left in the mesh. Nübel is in the other direction.

19. Minute: PENALTY for FC Bayern. Kingsley Coman moves with pace in the penalty area and is laid out by Kenny. Clear Thing.

17. Minute: Lewandowski screwed to a corner of Kimmich high and balanced the Ball on goal. However, the ball is coming to Central on Nübel, the parried.

14. Min: A poor pass from Hernandez brings Schalke in the Penalty area in possession of the ball. However, it remains harmless.

9. Minute: Now Schalke in the forward gear. Harit wants to turn on the Turbo, but it remains to referee Fritz (!) hang.

7. Minute: Bayern takes control of the game. A abgeblockter shot from Corentin Tolisso makes the first corner of the game, but he receives nothing.

4. Minute: Rehearsed Version! On the penalty spot, Robert Lewandowski, running, be unplatzierter shot ends up in the arms of Schalke Keeper Nübel.

Serge Gnabry (li.) is cleared by Bastian Oczipka.

3. Minute: Serge Gnabry on the wing against Bastian Oczipka, and it is from him. Free Kick To Bayern.



18:28 PM: The teams enter the field. Referee Marco Fritz is.

18:27 PM: The last victory of Schalke against Bayern in the Bundesliga is back a little: On 4. In December 2010 they won with 2:0. Scorers: Jurado and Benedikt Höwedes.

18:24 PM: In his first Bundesliga home match as Schalke coach is David Wagner, the same eleven players ran the first round in Gladbach when 0:0 is launched were.

At 18:22: Niko Kovac must in addition to Leon Goretzka, Jerome Boateng and Jan-Fiete Arp on Thiago without. The new additions Michael Cuisance, Ivan Perisic and Coutinho are for the first time in the squad.

At 18:19: FC Bayern München, however, record the transfer of Lucas Hernandez prior to his starting debut in the Bundesliga:

At 18:18: The Royal Blues start their first season home game with the following starting XI:


18:15 clock: welcome to the live Ticker of the German wave. The FC Bayern Munich wants to enter after the stuttering start against Hertha BSC finally got the first win of the Season. Rival Borussia Dortmund has presented yesterday evening in Cologne. How to respond to the Bayern at Schalke? We wish you much pleasure in the next 90 minutes!