Trump puts in the trade dispute with China


The retaliatory spiral continues: Just hours after China criminal had announced duties, responding to the U.S. President. Previously, he had directed the US company to take care of Alternatives to the China business.

The US government is lifting its punitive tariffs on imports from China consistently. The recently imposed punitive tariffs be increased by five percentage points. Starting in October, the already imposed duties on imports to the value of around US $ 250 billion (224 billion euros) of 25 percent would be increased to 30 percent, said Trump on Twitter. The punitive duties on further imports to the extent of around 300 billion US dollars are expected to rise from ten percent to 15 percent.

Trump gives US companies commands

The increase in the U.S.-punitive tariffs against China is a direct response to the announcement from Beijing, will be first to raise soy beans and oil imports, an additional duty of five per cent. Car duties from 25 per cent to follow in December.

Trump is not afraid to continue to increase the duties

According to the Chinese announcement, Trump had made on Friday in a series of Tweets his Anger and immediate reaction announced. “We don’t need China, and, to be honest, would we better off without them,” he wrote. The United States would be deprived of China only. US firms to be ordered to “hereby, to seek immediately an Alternative to China” and products back home in the USA, said Trump. The government can make it difficult for companies in their location choice, but not dictate. Trump leaned with his appeal to the U.S. economy, but something very far out of the window.

Trade conflict sends markets plunging

The Chinese punitive tariffs were a response to the beginning of August, Trump announced additional import duties on Chinese products to the value of around 300 billion US dollars. Trump had already been imposed before, duties of 25 percent on imports from China. This will be occupied from mid-December, almost all Chinese imports into the U.S. with punitive tariffs.

In view of the retaliatory spiral in the trade dispute, the U.S. stock market castle deep in the Minus – most clearly, it hit the shares of the computer group Apple, which lost 4.6 percent. The trade conflict between the two largest economies are likely to employ at the weekend, the heads of state and head of government of the G7 in Biarritz in France. China is not invited at the summit of leading Western industrial States. The trade conflict drags the global economy down and affects all Nations, especially export-oriented as Germany.

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