What is the most daring you’ve ever done is?


Who dares, goes to always be in an unfamiliar Situation, in which it is required. It provides a challenge and is proud when they are done.

Challenges are a fact of life, there are bigger, smaller and very spectacular, as is the case with Euromaxx-Reporter Max Merrill. For the series “adventure Tradition of” the challenge of the Highland Games in the Scottish Airth in the vicinity of Edinburgh. In the process, he occurs in a traditional Scottish Kilt against associates who participate for years in the sports competitions.

We want to know from our viewers: What is the most daring you’ve ever done is? Send us a photo of you with your biggest challenge or dare to. It is something you have never done so before? As a difficult mountain tour up to the summit? They occurred for the first Time in front of an audience? Or you have eaten an exotic dish?

We are looking forward to your photos. As a thank you we are giving away among all participants, a wrist watch in the exclusive Euromaxx-Design. The closing date for entries is 30. August 2019, 12 UTC. Legal recourse is excluded. Good Luck!