More women, more topics


Strong women from Africa, Asia or the middle East in the global religious female participants will meet at lake Constance impress. And they are pushing for greater presence.

Religion is female. In the case of the 10. World Assembly of Religions for Peace in Lindau, women make up almost a quarter of the participants. More than in the past. All the same, Even to the Vatican, a delegate of Caritas international belonged to. But many there are still to little women.

“We hope that the new World Council will include more women,” says Mehrezia Labidi-Maiza. “Women need to be visible, at all our events.” The Tunisian was the first Vice-President of the constituent Assembly of their country. In the case of the four-day world meet on the lake Constance island, one of the self-conscious occurring to women, the push for more say. And also the Irakerin Layla Alkahafaij, the imprisoned under Saddam Hussein for a good ten years in prison, and later a member of the Iranian Parliament, stressed: “We want women to participate.”

The aim of the meeting is, conflicts between religions and beliefs to reduce

Colors and diversity

The appearance of the two was one of the strong moments in the world of religions meet. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Baha’is, Sufi, Jews, native Americans from Canada or from the Amazon… to color and variety in Lindau, men and women alike. But female delegates from Asia, Africa and the Arab world are committed to grassroots work and to embody new self-confidence.

And all of the reminders that had been given to the German Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the guests from 125 countries at the opening ceremony apply. “We like to be different in our Faith. But a must is the joint posture: Religion should never be a justification of hatred and violence,” Steinmeier said. Specifically, he emphasized “as a believer in Christ” his commitment to the issue. “We must not be indifferent, when time and again many people Express that Religion is preventive, almost a peace, Yes war promotional phenomenon.” And he reminded us of the thirty years ‘ war (1618-1648), the cause of Religion was also touched upon in Lindau, Germany.

The common message from Lindau should read: “No war may be waged in the name of Religion!”, the German head of state warned. “But Faith and Religion can also be abused for basically out of religious intentions and political objectives.”

The global religion of the city of Lindau dominated meetings at lake Constance

The Terrorist

It was, as often in Lindau, the last large-scale bloody attacks against the believers were called. The Terror against churches in Sri Lanka at Easter with hundreds of dead, the blood pools in mosques in new Zealand and a synagogue in Pittsburgh, USA. Too often, it is Terror, which is also based on religion.

Steinmeier expressed unusually clear expectations of “Religion”. Europeans are quite used to, others are more cautious. “It is never good when Religion and politics marry. The policy then takes over quickly in the role of the husband”, said 24 hours after Steinmeier, the Nigerian cardinal John Onaiyekan. “And we have in Africa, experiences with husbands.” Religion should never be taken in.

The base reach

Less critical of Jose Ramos-Horta, the first President of East Timor expressed after independence. Religion is for the stability of peace “is really important – because the religious leaders. You really reach the base, the people at the base,” he told Deutsche Welle.

“I’m going to leave Lindau with a lot of new hope”, the Hindi Vinu Aram from celebrities Shanti Ashram in India. The sun also to the way Germany had dealt with the refugee crisis and how open people are in Lindau for the religions would have shown.

Vinu Aram: a Lot of new hope from Lindau

With two projects of Religions for Peace “want to show” concrete self that you accept the task. At a symbolic site, a newly established, seven and a half-Meter-high “Ring of Peace” on the shores of lake Constance, said a commitment from religious buildings to protect against violence. Even if it is quite dangerous. “Holy sites must be protected also by believers of other confessions,” said William F. Vendley, outgoing RfP-Secretary-General. In addition, crime presented the archaeological expert inside a method, the DNA of rapists in crisis and war areas. You should be significantly more cost-effective than current methods and help women to defend, at least legally, their Dignity. Both projects should specifically include religious institutions, the people at the base.

For The Anniversary Year

So the expectation is set out in the RfP-work of the coming years. Also for the anniversary year 2020, in the Religions for Peace 50 years of age. The organizers of languages already the official invitation to celebrate the anniversary in Lindau. The best-known German Protestant here, Margot Käßmann is. She was elected count in the 80-member World Council, that the Council of the Religions for Peace world assemblies represents.

Cardinal Onaiyekan: policy takes easily to the role of the husband

And in the future, a woman coordinated for the first time as General Secretary of the worldwide work. The 1968 Cairo-born Muslim Azza Karam, the today, the Dutch state citizenship and diverse scientific activities, was elected in Lindau, the successor of William F. Vendley (71). Just a personal decision. But a further step: Religion is female.