Re-enactments: war games in the middle of the peace


Whether Waterloo or Stalingrad: battles to play is booming. In Weimar, it is less bloody: the statement of the parliamentarians of the national Assembly is now adjusted.

Horse Napoleon Bonaparte inspected the Front. His soldiers fell by the hundreds before the gates of Brussels, in a position. The French against the army of the English General Wellington is. Again and again the thunder of musket volleys and cannon shots on the grounds.

A few hours later, the battle of Waterloo is over. Peacefully, the combatants of both sides sitting together around the campfire. The dead and injured has not given it in the year 2019. Unlike in 1815, as many thousands of soldiers were in Waterloo your life.

In the Uniform of the “enemy”

Famous battles to play (“re-enactment”) is booming. From the cannon to the uniform button, everything is as true to the original. And also on the battlefield is not shooting easy; efforts are made to authentic exchange of fire. However, today, unlike 200 years ago, before English troops in French uniforms and the Belgians or Germans in those of Wellington.

In the case of other re-enactments, it is similar: As an Englishman puts on even voluntarily in a German SS Uniform and fires from the trench against his countrymen. And in the battle of the Teutoburg forest, a German playing a Roman and an Italian Vice-versa, a Germanic people.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    Battle of the Teutoburg forest

    2000 years ago the Roman Empire was at the height of his Power. His legionaries were superior to their opponents for the most part far, however, Germany made a fierce resistance. In the year 9 ad, the Romans were defeated by the cheruscan Prince Arminius (Hermann) and his men are devastating. Today, you can living the battle of the Roman and Germanic days in the open – air Museum kalkriese remedy.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    Viking Moot: Once a Viking be

    In the Danish Moesgaard near Aarhus, you can be every year for a week, a real Viking. To do this, you must have no Scandinavian roots; the roughly 300 Amateur actors come from all over the world. You live like in the olden days in tents and drinking together, Met at the camp fire. But the undisputed highlight for all the Participants in the battles of man against man.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    Battle of Grunwald

    The Teutonic order saw itself as a successor of the crusaders. In the middle ages he owned large estates in Eastern Europe. Again and again he fought with the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania for supremacy in the Baltic sea region. In the battle of Tannenberg, the order in 1410, suffered a heavy defeat. Each year is played in this mythical place of remembrance for Poland, the victory will be tracked.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    Wall stone festival

    Since 1980, every four years, takes place in the Bavarian town of Memmingen, with about 4,500 participants one of the largest regular re-enactments of the world. The Motto: “Wallenstein in 1630 in Memmingen – the citizens of the city play their story”. The residence of the commander, who won in the thirty years ‘ war many a battle is simulated, in place – however, with a rider to play instead of fight.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    The battle of Nations at Leipzig

    In the autumn of 1813 raged before the gates of Leipzig, one of the largest and bloodiest battles that had taken place to date in the history. Austrians, Prussians, Russians, and Sweden brought the French army a decisive defeat and broke the dominance of Napoleon in Europe. To 200. Anniversary of played around 6000 players from 26 Nations in the historical battle.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    Napoleon’s Waterloo

    In June 1815, Napoleon wanted to Bonaparte, it is still even know and fought at the village of Waterloo just South of Brussels, a fiercely against the allied forces of England and Prussia’s Power in Europe. He was defeated, and on the island of St. Helena banished. Every ten years, uniformed citizens from all over Europe the battle of Waterloo revival – with much love to Detail.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    North against South

    It was the bloodiest battle of the American civil war: From the 1. to 3. July 1863, fought the Union army at Gettysburg against the South. 50,000 Dead and Wounded on both sides – for the Confederate States it was the beginning of the end. The slaughter was, for the first time in 1913, to 50. Anniversary played out; today, it is one of the most popular re-enactments in the United States.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    Battle of Stalingrad

    It is one of the most famous battles of the Second world war. The destruction of the German 6. Army in the Winter of 1942/1943 is regarded as a turning point in the Nazi-initiated campaign against the Soviet Union. For decades, the victory at Stalingrad is celebrated with a military parade, since 2005, the costumed re-enactment of the Battle belongs to the entertainment program.

  • From Waterloo to Stalingrad: If battles are to be re-beaten

    War and Peace Revival

    The multi-day Event in England, annually attracting around 100,000 visitors. It offers the world’s largest gathering of military vehicles and re-enactments from the First world war to the recent history: Here is a 1993 battle of Mogadishu downed US helicopter crew fight, of course, is fictitious – a matter of Survival.

    Author: Suzanne Cords

There are numerous men and women, the history in historical parades and other events back to life. Historical battles in Europe, however, especially popular, as the battle of Waterloo, or Stalingrad. And in the USA, it’s with fondness the battles of the American Bürgerkiegs between Northern and southern States. The famous battle of Gettysburg, when the Confederate General Robert E. Lee had in 1863, the opponents admit defeat, has been playing 50 years later, for the first time succeeded.

From the battlefield to the home front

In England, the so-called “war and Peace Revival will be held every year”, with Around 4000 military vehicles from the First world war up to high-tech vehicles of recent history, the heart of Military enthusiasts, as well as the various re-enactments of battles from that time. Around 100,000 visitors the spectacle of the track. And the Event does not carry the word “Peace” in the name, if not also peaceful scenes of the home front would be presented. Visitors can immerse themselves in the year 1943, and the wives of soldiers in your village everyday watch or for a tea dance stop.

“Suspect Form Of Memory”

In addition to countless Clubs, the deal at leisure with the authentic re-enactment of historical events, there are also commercial re-enactment groups that occur on different occasions in front of an audience – for example, in medieval markets. Especially in the USA and the UK tourism associations often use costumed actors to make the audience of the historical events vividly.

The calm before the storm: A soldier of the southern States shortly before the battle of Gettysburg

The historian Ulrike Jureit explained in a treatise on the fascination for re-enactments with the “magic of the Authentic” and the emotional and sensual experience. But points also to the fact that the re-enactment of historical events is a rather “suspect form of Memory”. Because the Identify with historical figures does not automatically mean that a historical event is represented, in spite of all honest efforts – properly.

Often, specialist historians argue that re-enactments lack the scientific Basis and historical depth. Especially in the case of long-past events, such as medieval battles you would when Adjusting in the realm of Fantasy-movies and -series.


The participants in re-enactments not objecting to such criticism, you are with fire zeal in the cause. History and experience – this is now also very popular in Germany. Of the numerous medieval markets and historic parades of witnesses. But battles on German soil and to celebrate the German field commanders or generals, not in this country is widespread. What also has to do with the Germans became, against the Background of their recent history sensitive.

The Weimar arts festival is on 21. August, therefore, quite bloodless, the statement of the parliamentarians of the national constituent Assembly plays in front of 100 years of the Weimar citizens downstream. On this day, iconic images were created, as the parliamentarians gathered on the stairs and the balcony of the national theatre.

Weimar in 2019: Around 500 people after the Weimar national Assembly and the German Reichstag