Fritz Keller: “No One-Man Show” in DFB


The German football Association dare with an unusual candidate for the reboot: Fritz Keller, formerly President of the SC Freiburg is back to the top. To Power, he also comes because he is willing to give up Power.

Hermann Neuberger, Egidius Braun, Gerhard Meyer-Vorfelder. There were powerful men who once led the German football Federation (DFB). They sat naturally in the bodies of UEFA and FIFA, had an impact in international football. As her successor to Theo Zwanziger, Wolfgang Niersbach and, most recently, Reinhard Grindel, the differences, however, all prior to the expiration of their term of office. In this series of Fritz Keller, the designated 13 want. President of the German football Association, at first glance not quite fit.

His Name may not have been until a few days ago, time any football-Interested in Germany is familiar. The friendly, eloquent 62 with mixed-Year-old for quite some time in the German football. In 2010, he was Chairman of the SC Freiburg, according to an amendment of the statutes of 2014, he leads the Bundesliga club as President. “The task of a DFB-President was not included in my life planning,” he admits at a press conference in Berlin on Wednesday with a smile. “I was with my job, my family, and my task in Freiburg very happy.”

The DFB needs a new structure

Large task: The DFB is a 7.1 million members of the largest professional sports Association in the world

Fritz cellar’s winemaker and great restaurateur. He operates in Freiburg and the surrounding area in the extreme southwest of the Federal Republic of several top restaurants. The task is to lead in the future, the largest sports Association in the world, to be suddenly in-chief of an organization with 7.1 million subscribers and 400 million euros in annual sales, commands him respect, he is the first to admit. “I do this to me only because I love football”, he replied to the question, what hindränge him to the new function. With the first major success of German football, the world Cup title in 1954, he is associated in a special, private way. Fritz Walter, captain of the legendary team that created the “miracle of Bern” (the 3:2 final victory against favourites Hungary), was his godfather.

For his jump to the top of the DFB Fritz Keller made changes in the Association to the condition. To this end, he has submitted proposals that met with the expectations of other leading representatives of the Association. The need last from one crisis to the next wobbling DFB according to many experts in urgent need of Reform. “The tasks are much too extensive, that you can perceive a Person alone. A “One-Man-Show” is no longer appropriate,” says Keller, with a view to the structural changes thought. These should be prepared in the coming weeks and months. Thoroughness going to him since before speed, explained, the designated DFB President. This includes, for him, as many as possible of such engagement. “You can lead people only if you give them free rooms. I have made this experience, as President in Freiburg. I want to live in the DFB.”

In UEFA and FIFA again show presence

Vice-President Rainer Koch is represented by the DFB, UEFA and FIFA

The planned Reform is not one that Fritz Keller strives to Post in the bodies of the European Federation UEFA and the world football governing body FIFA to take. His immediate predecessor had to often gives the impression, to address a large part of their forces to the attainment of this financially especially lucrative mandates. In the future, Rainer Koch, of the 1. Vice-President of the DFB, the German football in the operative international work represented. Cooking is one of the winners of the electoral cellar, and is also regarded as a major Voice provider in the DFB. Currently, the DFB is represented neither in the leadership of UEFA nor of FIFA. To get a seat and a vote, it will not be a self runner. The white is a lawyer, a chef, is still as a presiding judge at the higher regional court of Munich.

While the chef’s attention will be directed to make out at first, especially in the UEFA again the German influence, and in the medium term, a Post in the Executive branch to strive for, and is dedicated to Fritz Keller and the whole of German football. The winemaker likes to stress his down-to-earthness, and something comes in the DFB, in the Amateur clubs have a strong weight. He wanted to have time at a top League game, “a sausage
to eat, and to drink a spritzer,” says Keller. And incidentally, he also makes it clear that he wants to take the long-lost appreciation of the Amateur range, Seriously. All with one overarching objective: The “unit
of German football” to restore. In view of the duration of conflict between professionals and Amateurs, but also the deep distrust of many Fans to the DFB, is a great task.

Amateur and professional clubs support Fritz Keller

The realignment of the DFB to the outside and the inside should be consistent. Because Fritz Keller leaves no doubt. His hometown club SC Freiburg, he has been associated with a continuous work to the top. By the way, also in women’s football, which is particularly dear to him. Maybe the Chance of a large DFB is really to renew this power and expertise of the base. In the election to the DFB Bundestag at the 27. September can be a Fritz the basement of the back cover by the representatives of Amateur football, but also of retention in the case of the 36 professional clubs of the two Federal leagues for sure. And that in itself is an important Signal.