Boris Johnson and the “small thing” with the Brexit


In Berlin, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is meeting with rejection. Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to re-negotiate the Brexit. This seems to have Johnson included. “We can do this,” he says.

So this is the man, Boris Johnson, about the so much talked of these days in Berlin. First of all, everything as in every other visit of foreign heads of government: The military honor graduate from Johnson and Chancellor Angela Merkel in a Sitting position. Since a few weeks in Berlin, after Merkel had trembled at similar occasions violently. After all: Johnson, otherwise always for any political Polterei well, contrary to the Chancellor here.

Loud protests against the British Prime

In front of the fences of the Chancellor’s office more spectators as usual, loud Shouts of “No Brexit”, and “liar” in the court of honour. A friendly reception is different. Then Johnson and Merkel give brief explanations. A bad habit, which has for some time been customary in Berlin: The press is informed in advance of the talks, about the actual course of the meeting, one learns nothing. The Foyer in the first floor of the Chancellor’s office is filled up with journalists. Merkel and Johnson sought friendly.

Military honor in the Sit: Johnson and Merkel in Berlin, the Chancellor, almost ostentatiously, in the Blue of the EU

Johnson says: “We can do this” – in German

Merkel declared: “We have often said of the German side that we regret the resignation, but it is a fact.” Germany before the course prepared for a “negotiated” withdrawal of Britain from the EU, but also on a hard Brexit. Johnson takes the unmoving, then he matters: human rights, climate change, membership in the Nato – everywhere common values.

But then, Johnson says, there is still this “little thing” with the Brexit. He wanted a negotiated way his country out of the EU, Johnson says, and adds in English: “We can do it!” The had said Merkel at the beginning of the great movement of refugees to Germany four years ago. Today it is the most famous sentence in Merkel’s government. Both Merkel and Johnson, to speak of possible Alternatives to the current impasse. But what are the may, is not clear.

Wednesday In Berlin, Thursday Paris

The observer in London had suspected, the purpose of the trip to Johnson’s to Berlin and then to Paris was to blame for a possible hard Brexit as early as possible to the Europeans in the shoes. From other sources it was said that Johnson think to be able to most likely in German Chancellor Angela Merkel points, not the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. But Merkel, too, had been made on Tuesday during a visit to Iceland is clear: “We are of course thinking about practical solutions. But we don’t have to open the exit agreement.”

Johnson, it comes to the rules of the Irish border

Johnson in his recent push to renegotiate the so-called “Backstop”. This rule, laid down in the agreement with the EU, provides for the UK to remain after the withdrawal from the EU in a customs Union with the European Union until a solution to the border problem between the EU member Ireland and the UK belonging to the North of Ireland is found. Johnson called the scheme “undemocratic”.

It’s Johnson’s only to blame? Unusually clear words of the Federal President

But for the EU countries, the protection of the member country of Ireland is especially extremely important. The fear is: it Comes to the outlet without agreement, will be built between Ireland and Northern Ireland back to the front of the trees. After all, Merkel now says, if the will was there, could not be found “maybe in the next 30 days, there is a solution for the Backstop” – i.e. before the leaving date on 31. October.

Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz: no one should expect Change

As the German Finance Minister and Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), tone at noon, rugged: “We have prepared a contract, and nobody should expect, that now the arrangements have been made, something can be changed.”

Against each practice also Federal President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier to the Brexit said. Actually, the head of state holds back from the politics of the day. Steinmeier said on Wednesday: “All of the variants that can be suggested, are, in fact, been the subject of talks.” He got the impression that Johnson is more to “blame”.

Do not destroy what was built up so laboriously – this passer-by in Berlin doesn’t care for the Brexit

Citizens in Berlin do not want a Brexit

On the Pariser Platz before the Brandenburg gate, just a few hundred meters away from the Chancellery, are the hope of the opinions about Boris Johnson and the Brexit clearly: “I, that it actually remains so, as it is now. I think it’s better for Europe,” summarises the prevailing view. An elderly woman reminiscent of better European times after the war, and says: “You can’t crumble what has been brought together, with great difficulty, again individually.”

A woman wants that the Europeans remain steadfast: “Then which would be stupid, if you give in to the Johnson now. Then I choose you.” But at the Moment it looks as if the Europe of the 27 EU countries can be columns. A hard Brexit on the 31. October is always more likely.