“The Mob in Hong Kong” – The Chinese view on the democracy movement


For weeks, thousands of people go in Hong Kong a hundred on the streets to demonstrate against the growing influence of the Chinese government. In the Rest of China, the Protest and there is little understanding.

Like Hong Kong in the South of Shanghai is on the East coast of China is a great economic metropolis. It is even considered the most important in the people’s Republic. More than 23 million people live there. And many of the citizens of Shanghai have no understanding for the protests in the 1200 kilometres away in Hong Kong.

“What are you doing? Why play that way?”, a 30-year-old employee, for example, asks. The citizens of Hong Kong should “work simply and peacefully in front of hinleben,” he told the ARD Studio in Shanghai, without a sheet in front of the mouth. The whole Protest bring nothing. As he see that probably the majority of people in mainland China.

Fears of violence

An impression that Jose Qian has. The Journalist estimates that 90 percent of the mainland Chinese have a critical attitude to the Hong Kong protests. Qian lives in Shanghai, works for several international media and always has its ear on the pulse of the city. The Shanghainese are well aware that it is just something in Hong Kong going on.

Journalist Qian: “Only one Version of the story”

“You probably don’t know exactly why it happens, since when has this been going on and what stages it has passed,” said Qian of the German wave. “You probably don’t know really, what are the demands of the protesters in Hong Kong.”

And so, the opinion of Shanghai is characterised by Anger, and Fears of possible violence in the special management zone: “I support the Hong Kong police,” a woman who has previously worked four years in Hong Kong’s financial industry. Since Hong Kong, China, had improved their economy a lot, also thanks to the support from mainland China. You have to experience for yourself. “Therefore, I say – to be without just in: radical actions are wrong.”

Peaceful protest March in Hong Kong (18. August): criticism of mainland Chinese

Observers Qian looks for reactions, such as this main reason: the reports of the Chinese state media. The would make in the meantime, the operations in the Hong Kong special administrative region to issue, but always in the sense of the government in Beijing.

State-owned media as a source of information

“You can call it Propaganda, you can call it an official media campaign. But there is only one Version of the story,” confirms Qian. The state media would not report about the background and how it all started, but the focus is on the escalation in the Hong Kong place. In the centre of the reports of the outbreak of violence stand. Often only a few images with violence were shown of the protesters.

Most mainland Chinese have no other news sources than the state. It is, therefore, understandable that many of the official Beijing government line consequences, “the Hong Kong protesters are largely violent, that some of them are extremely radical, hurt others and public property damage”. Even if the protesters are mentioned in the same breath with terrorism. “You feel very associated with the government – both in Hong Kong as well as in Beijing,” said Jose Qian.

Confrontation between Protesters and Hong Kong police (on the 27. July): the case of terrorism?

Accordingly, the reactions on the streets of Shanghai: whether It is obviously wrong, what are the protesters in Hong Kong, says a retiree who informed mainly by the television news of the Chinese state broadcaster “CCTV”, and the programmes of “China National Radio” is listening to, which is also a state-owned broadcaster. Hong Kong has always been a great city and an important financial center, the 70-Year-old. His judgment about the protesters is all the more negative: “This Mob has, so far, is just Bad, and nothing Good!”

Unbroken Resistance

In Hong Kong, the protesters themselves from such statements, as well as the real danger of a Chinese invasion will not be intimidated. You want to go further on the road, even if it is uncertain whether Hong Kong’s autonomy status in 28 years.

“We all know that there is this expiry date for our autonomy,” said a protester of the ARD. “But we should at least stand up for our fundamental rights and show the world: We have freedom of speech, we have freedom of demonstration, and that is a good thing.” At least up to mid-2047. Until then, it is determined, the capitalist system of the former British crown colony still exist. How to do it but in Hong Kong is open.