Three Kurdish cities under forced administration


The Turkish Minister of the interior, is set in three cities in the East of the country, the HDP-mayor. You have to have Connections to terrorists. For the Opposition of the step is an “attack on the will of the people”.

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Turkish government is the mayor

The Turkish government has sold in the Eastern part of the country’s three mayors of the prokurdischen HDP. It is the mayor of Diyarbakir, Ahmet Türk and the city of Mardin, Adnan Selcuk Mizrakli, as well as the mayor of Van, Bedia Özgökce Ertan. After the politician, and the two leaders on 31. March could win the local elections, the majority in their communities, they are replaced now by forced managers to be appointed by the AKP government at the Council table.

From left to right: Ahmet Turk, Bedia Özgökçe Erta, Selcuk Mizrakli

The Turkish Ministry of the interior justified this step that the three pro-Kurdish mayor, mainly because of “membership in a terrorist organization” and “terror propaganda” will be determined.

“The (Kurdish militia) PKK has with the help of some citizens, the financial resources of the municipalities for illegal purposes masters used,” – said in a statement issued by interior Minister Süleyman Soylu. “We have evidence that the mayor, with the terrorist organisations are in contact and support you. Therefore, we invoke article 127 of the Constitution and article 47 of the municipal act, to remove these persons from office.” “To safety,” the Minister of the interior argues, would have to during the investigation, the administrator of coercion are used.

“A coup against the will of the people”

HDP-speaker Oluc: “The allegations are invented.”

The HDP leadership reacted indignant. Party spokesman Saruhan Oluc told Deutsche Welle: “The reason for the receivership is completely invented. It is once again ignored the will of the people, and to the right. There is no democratic legitimacy of this government. This is an attack on the democracy of Turkey.”

Also, the leadership of the largest opposition party CHP criticized the decision of the Minister of the interior. “We are once again faced with a coup. A coup against

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After the local elections in Turkey, in the East of the country, politicians prokurdischen Locally, by a decree of the mayor’s office denied. Is covered the approach of the High electoral Commission law? (18.04.2019)

In the Southeast of Turkey, the HDP has achieved in the municipal elections with good results. The joy of the HDP voters but The AKP government could put their municipalities under compulsory administration. (04.04.2019)

the will of the people. We are faced with a Situation that is neither with the Turkish law is compatible with democracy,” said the CHP Deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu of the DW.

The state news Agency Anadolu reported that in parallel to the redundancies in 29 municipalities of operations against the banned Kurdish militias, the PKK and KCK had taken place – it 418 Suspects had been arrested..

Administrator is not unexpected

The highly competitive Metropolitan regions of Diyarbakir, Van and Mardin, the HDP in the local elections on may 31. March for a total of 48 municipalities, they could conquer from the ACP back. Many of these municipalities were the municipal elections to be held under forced administration.

Sentenced to 14 years in prison: Ex-mayor Gültan Kisanak of the HDP

In October 2016, the Turkish government continued, the mayor of Diyarbakir, Gültan Kisanak,. A court sentenced them to 14 years in prison and sent to a forced administrator in the city. In 96 other Kurdish cities, mayors and Municipal Board members were replaced by the forced administrator – part with ACP-party book. The Turkish government accused the HDP mayor to cooperate with the Kurdish terrorist organization PKK – about 40 of them are in custody. The decisive factor was that the PKK militants had occupied in the summer of 2015, several cities – as a result, the Turkish government was forced to Act.

But the hope for genuine self-determination in the Kurdish cities, in spite of the clear election victory is particularly large. President Erdogan had already indicated before the local elections, that the forced administrator will continue their work. “You should go to the support for terrorists, we will use again the administrator forced,” he said repeatedly in his campaign appearances. What was meant was the alleged collaboration between HDP-mayors and the forbidden Kurdish militia PKK.