Game of Streams: All against Netflix


Long, Netflix, traditional entertainment companies has scooped the audience. The now get to counter-attack and launch their own streaming services. The competition will be harder.

Compared with the almost 100-year-old entertainment giant the Walt Disney Company, Netflix, is very young, just 21 years old. And yet, Netflix is ahead of the Creator of Mickey mouse and lion king a lot: a good decade as a platform for Online video streaming and 150 million paying subscribers worldwide.

So Netflix is currently the most successful Streaming provider. The biggest competitor is the Online retailer Amazon, whose paid-for Prime membership also includes video streaming. According to Amazon, there are more than 100 million Prime customers. How many of you use the video streaming, is unclear, the Reuters news Agency, out of 26 million users, and relies on internal documents of the group.

And then of course there is Google with YouTube and its 1.3 billion users worldwide, however, must be paid monthly, no fees.

The competition attracts

But in less than a year of competition in the U.S. market, currently dominated by Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO is expected to once again significantly increase.

Disney and cable TV provider such as AT&T want a piece of the streaming pie, and have brought down as a result of Takeovers in Position.

From lion king to Star Wars to super heroes movies: Disney launches its own streaming service

AT&T has taken over in 2018, the media company Time Warner, since then, the pay-TV channel HBO and its streaming platform, “HBO Now belong” to the company.

And Disney, with ABC and cable channels like the Disney Channel a long time in the traditional TV business, has taken over this spring, large parts of the media conglomerate 21st Century Fox. Thus, the streaming service Hulu is now part of the Disney Empire.

Also Apple with mixed

But there will also be new platforms. 12. November starts Disney in the US, its own streaming service, “Disney Plus”.

And the iPhone maker, Apple wants to introduce in the autumn of its streaming service, “Apple TV” and in over 100 countries at the Start bring. For specially produced content, Apple has brought, among other things, the talk master Oprah Winfrey and Actresses Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon into the boat. Already at the press Event in the spring, the Star-studded high.

Streaming on the rise

While the use of steaming to acquire services around the world, back the classic TV usage. The majority of US citizens (56 percent) watch TV content as a video stream, in 2017, there were still 40 percent.

The U.S. information service report linker estimates that the worldwide market for video streaming to a volume of 125 billion US dollars.

In the USA alone, consumers spend on a monthly basis two billion dollars for Streaming services, according to a study by the consulting firm Deloitte. And per week, each American spends on average as much time with video streaming on how to Work with.

Also in Germany

In Germany, the use of video streaming is small, but it is also growing, so the current online study of public-law broadcasting groups ARD/ZDF. Accordingly, 60 percent of respondents watch at least once a week motion pictures on the net.

Strong brands such as “Game of Thrones” wants HBO to profit-parent company, AT&T

In contrast to the traditional TV, users can decide when Streaming even when you are watching something. And unlike commercial television, there are pay services like Netflix and co. also, no advertising interruptions.

70 percent of U.S. consumers believe that traditional TV is not a very good quality, the Deloitte study. Million therefore terminate Pay-TV subscriptions and cable TV packages and switch to streaming platforms.

In the United States, 55 percent of households have subscribed to at least one streaming service.

Our Own Content

The streaming providers also produce their own content. Netflix has become with the series “House of Cards”, to “13 reasons why” and “Orange is the new black” is known. Particularly successful was the series, “Stranger Things”, which last season had 30 to 40 million viewers was – depending on whether you believe the Numbers from the market research Institute Nielsen or those of Netflix.

At least equally successful HBO-produced fantasy series “Game of Thrones” was. Alone, the last episode had 19 million viewers.

To popular content, it is also Disney. If the streaming service “Disney plus” launches in November, will be there to see all the classics of the group to see, also, Star Wars and the popular animated films from the Pixar Studios.

The contract with Netflix Disney has decided not to extend, however, makes all of these productions will disappear in the case of Netflix.

In exchange, Disney will have to do without revenue. Since 2012, Netflix is said to have paid annually about $ 300 million to Disney, to the movies of the group estimates that the Tech magazine Recode.


The battle of the platforms, but is not discharged only on the content, but also the prices. In the case of Netflix, the cheapest plan will cost you, in the meantime, not eight, but nine dollars a month, the most expensive is $ 16. Just recently, the company has increased the prices, the money for new productions – in need of especially now that Disney and others take their content from the platform.

In contrast, the entry-level package in “Disney Plus costs,” according to the group information, only seven dollars.

Streaming customers can change suppliers easily, most of the subscriptions are on a monthly contract. This increases the pressure on the provider in addition. “The dynamics of competition does not forgive anything,” says Bret Sappington, Analyst at Parks Associates. And: The new was a vendor in the market, the greater the risk that users jump quickly.