Lewandowski-double-pack is not enough against Hertha


A Robert Lewandowski is not enough for FC Bayern. The people of Munich to be caught unawares in the Defensive twice from Hertha BSC, and, despite the double-packs of Poland at the start of the season in the Bundesliga points.

Thanks to top scorer Robert Lewandowski series champion FC Bayern Munich has a blatant false start in the opening game of 57. Bundesliga season still averted. The 2:2 (1:2) against courageously occurring in Berlin Hertha revealed on Friday evening, however, is that the Munich one is to be expected after seven titles on the pieces in this season with by March.

Lewandowski scored in the 24. Minute the first goal of the new season and turned to video evidence of a foul penalty to 2:2-final score (60.). Bayern Scare Dodi Lukebakio (36. Minute) and Marko Grujic (38.) had, in the meantime, tipped with a double-blow to the total of the Bayern Munich game.

Defensively, the Munich not acted masterfully, attacking only double-packer Lewandowski in the financial statements was effective.

Did you miss the game in Bremen? Then you can read here in the DW-live Ticker:

MUNICH – BERLIN 2:2 (1:2)


The final WHISTLE! Bayern messed up the kick off the new season with a 2:2 draw against Hertha BSC. The Berlin set of the game by the double blow of Lukebakio and Grujic on the head. But Lewandowski with his second goal secured at least one point for the record champion.

90. Minute, +4: Lewandowski rises in the center to a corner at the highest, kick into the box next to the gate.

90. Minute +1: YELLOW CARD for Maximilian Mittelstädt.

90. Minute: There are three minutes of stoppage time!

89. Minute: Bayern is superior. But there is enough scoring chances don’t come out. Hertha is a draw maximum satisfaction.

86. Minute: CHANGE in Bavaria: DAVIES comes in for Gnabry.

85. Minute: CHANGE in Bavaria: SANCHEZ comes on for Müller.

85. Minute: once again the big chance for Gnabry. The midfielder gets the ball on the right of the penalty area the course plays, Gnabry picks the leather down and it stops right in, but his shot takes a half a Meter over the box of the Berlin.

82. Minute: Alaba’s free-kick from 23 metres in a Central Position in front of the goal. But also this time the bullet in the wall to hang.

78. Minute: EXCHANGE with Hertha: SKJELBRED is coming for Duda.

77. Minute: Duda puts the free-kick against the Munich wall. Also the rebound he puts just wide of the Bayern goal

76. Minute: YELLOW CARD for Benjamin Pavard.

76. Minute: Pavard with a stretched leg against Leckie. There is a free kick Central 18 meters in front of the Munich goal.

72. Minute: Kimmich fits on Gnabry, the thought of back fits on Tolisso. But the hits the Ball from eleven meters is not correct. So the ball past the coasts on the right-hand post of the Hertha.

71. Minute: YELLOW CARD for Thomas Müller.

68. Minute: EXCHANGE with Hertha: SELKE for Lukebakio.

68. Minute: Bayern’s lace, Berlin’s now in the penalty box a. You want to, of course, the victory.

62. Minute: EXCHANGE with Hertha: ESSWEIN is coming for Ibisevic.

⚽ 59. Minute: PENALTY for Bayern Munich. LEWANDOWSKI! Lewandowski turns safe, shoots the leather semi-high on the left in the corner. Jarstein is to the right on the road.

Robert Lewandowski scores a penalty goal to 2:2 against Herthas goalkeeper Rune Jarstein.

58. Minute: foul penalty for Bayern!

58. Minute: YELLOW CARD for Marko Grujic.

58. Minute: referee Osmers is in contact with the video wizard. He goes in the Review Area, to see something. Grujic to tears Lewandowsi in the penalty area.

54. Min: Gnabry wants to Coman on the left side, but the Frenchman missed out on the play.

52. Minute: Coman injected into the area of the Hertha, at the conclusion parried Jarstein and Lewandowski missed the ball.

50. Minute: Bayern coach Kovac sent his entire bench to warm up. He is not satisfied.

46. Minute: The Ball is rolling again. The second half has begun, on both sides, there was no change.


What a game in Munich. Bayern pull off in the first 30 minutes of a firework. Clearly lead with 1:0 and should have lead to an even higher, but then the Berlin with two goals in the game and set the game on its head.

The mid-term!

45. Minute: There are three minutes of stoppage time.

43. Minute: This opening game should be an advertisement for the League make. So far has met the target of 100 percent.

41. Minute: Grujic is in the follow-up to the gate at the eyebrow treated. The result of the head-ball duel with Pavard. But it is more for him.

Herthas Marko Grujic on the way to the 2:1

40. Minute: Unbelievable. Bayern was superior to here, oppressively, had many chances to score and Hertha turning the game and with 2:1.

⚽ 39. Minute: PENALTY for Hertha Berlin. GRUJIC! What is going on here? Grujic and Pavard crashing when a header duel with the heads. The ball lands at Ibisevic, fits into the top, and because Pavard of the skull is buzzing, and the Frenchman can’t take the persecution, draws Grujic alone on the Munich goal, umkurvt New and pushes to 2:1 for Hertha.

⚽ 36. Minute: PENALTY for Hertha Berlin. LUKEBAKIO! Lukebakio moves from the left in the Central Position in front of Bayern’s goal, however, is not attacked. As a result, the Belgians and his shot hits the back of Ibisevic, where the ball will be severely deflected and untenable for Manuel Neuer in the Corner strikes.

⚽ 24. Minute: PENALTY for Bayern Munich. LEWANDOWSKI! Lewandowski pulls out 30 feet in front of the opposing goal, the Tempo, sprints into the gap in front of the box. The Hertha defender let him criminally alone. Gnabry fits in the middle in front of goal., where the poles bend easily in the Ball and the Ball over the line shoehorned.

20. Minute: Bayern make a lot of pressure. Especially on the wing from the Post, Gnabry and Coman. on the wings on. The Hertha problems.

17. Minute: YELLOW CARD for Vladimir Darida.

15. Minute: Kimmich crosses sharply from the right-hand side in front of goal. Lewandowski not get Jarstein makes the ball a high-five, but then a Hertha defender off the ball.

13. Minute: On the counter side, Ibisevic after a failure of Süle, the Chance to final in the Bayern penalty area, but the Bosnian warp miserably.

10. Minute: Herthas Klünter grants Lewandowski after a counterattack of Bayern in a promising Position just before the top of the box out of the way. Hard Body Check. But referee Osmers and also the video referee saw the action, no Foul.

Luke Klünter (li.) from grants to Robert Lewandowski.

7. Min: Gnabry supports Müller and torched not last long and shoots the Ball from 16 yards just wide left of the target.

3. Minute: the first warning shot for Bayern. Thiago checks Jarstein with a shot from just outside the Sechzehners.

The kick-off!


20:34 PM: captain Manuel Neuer has the choice in referee Osmers for the Munich won. He chooses the kick-off for the Bavarians.

20:33 PM: The national anthem is played. A lot of hoopla here at the beginning of the new season.

20:31 PM: The teams enter the field. Led by referee Harm Osmers. The stadium is sold out, the flood of light. Only the actors are a little late. Actually, should be kicked off at 20:30.

20:17: Bayern have in the past six seasons in the opening game, and never something to burn. Six Times the master left the place after the first game of the season as the winner. Last year, there was a 3:1 against Hoffenheim.

20:15: Exactly 90 days after the end of the 2018/19 season starts in a few minutes the 1. Game of the 2019/2020 season.

At 20:13: Bayern starts without Leon Goretzka. The national players in Training on Thursday, a blow to the left thigh, with shared the Bayern. For Goretzka Corentin Tolisso moved into the starting lineup. From the beginning, coach Niko Kovac also offers access Benjamin Pavard in the centre of defence alongside Niklas Süle. The world champion receives in the first game of the new season preferred to Jerome Boateng.

At 20:12: Bayern offers the following eleven players on.

20:11 a.m.: guest from Berlin begins with the following starting line-up.

At 20:10:
welcome to the Live Ticker of the German wave. In just a few minutes of the opening game of 57. Bundesliga season kicks off. In Munich, the FC Bayern and Hertha BSC face. We wish you much pleasure in the next 90 minutes.