“Evolution instead of Revolution” – Fritz Keller to combine the DFB again


Fritz Keller, President of the SC Freiburg, is to become the new DFB President. As a personality, the 62-Year-old is suitable at first glance and could be the face of the hoped-for culture change at the DFB.

“As a human friend who likes to enjoy and always a joy to meet people, especially new people,” called Fritz Keller recently in an Interview with a wine journal itself. On occasions there seems to be no lack in the life of the 62-Year-old. The cellar is winemaker and restaurateur, and is since 2010, as President (until 2014 officially, first Chairman of the Anm. d. Red.) at the top of the Bundesliga clubs SC Freiburg, where he will play at home preferably, the Handshake and chat with coaches, honor guests, and Fans looking to take instead of the way out of the underground garage behind the thick glass panes of a Lodge, and without going back. The basement is embodied in a similar way to SC coach Christian Streich is a type of man and a club philosophy, which are in the business of professional football, in many places, long story. Now he is to become the new DFB President.

Counter-proposal to Grindel and Niersbach

Anyone who listens to the cellar in television Interviews, the experiences a man who speaks away from the football about things like “enjoyment”, “sun”, “soul”, “respect”, “people” and “interaction”. Who is watching him, and sees a life-affirming people who will talk about his senses and his Feelings, when it comes to wine and food gesture-rich expresses and enthusiasm and passion radiates. To see and hear it, you can either refer to as a connoisseur, Gourmet or Bon vivant is, however, a man that Show of decadence is so foreign to Live, like Coca-Cola as a companion to a good meal.

Wolfgang Niersbach: DFB-President from 2012 – 2015

The Freiburg-born entrepreneur, whose godfather was a certain Fritz Walter, is the stark counterpart to the official professional Wolfgang Niersbach, who climbed the DFB-career ladder with meticulous precision by the press Secretary on the Secretary-General to the President, and in the Wake of the bribery affair surrounding the awarding of the world Cup to Germany in 2006 had to resign. And to kick Niersbachs successor to Reinhard Grindel, member of the German Bundestag, a Journalist and former head of the ZDF capital studios, the way, as a media professional, ironically also due to a lack of transparency, the ability to take criticism and resistance in dealing with the media and the Public last April as DFB President had to go back.

Fritz Keller transported properties that came to the DFB in the past few years lost: Nahbarkeit, strength of character, adherence to Principles. From the Badener an authentic, controlled Serenity speaks. Again and again, the winemaker, and the family, his company and his home at the Emperor chair comes to him, the importance of collaboration and community. Similarly, the need to balance economic and social interests.

From the star restaurant to the discounters

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“The DFB President has a responsibility”

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Florian Bauer, on the termination of the interview with DFB, Reinhard Grindel

Success is the 62-Year-old, whose Restaurant “Black eagle” is awarded for the past 50 years, consistently with a Michelin star, of course, important. But beauty, vanity, browsing exercise, and wiredrawing makes are apparently not part of the Repertoire of businessman Fritz Keller. As the “Evolution instead of Revolution” referred to the winery in the third Generation the recipe for success of his family business. Economic development without compromising the values and principles that form the Foundation of success is to sacrifice – a vision that would be a new leadership in the DFB well.

To be able to his role in the new DFB guide take, would have to disconnect his home in Baden is closely related to the basement but also of things that mean a lot to him. “Since the two Offices were not compatible with each other, I’m going to put in the event of a successful election as DFB-President my role as President of the SC Freiburg is with a heavy heart down,” says the 62-Year-old in a press release, the SC Freiburg.

And this possible new task from the basement of the Federal-wide Impact and presence in the different national associations may require in bodies of UEFA and FIFA, it is also a Parallel of his life: The entrepreneur no longer focuses exclusively on the production of its top wines, but is instrumental in a collaboration between winemakers from the Region, which distribute a high quality wine now available in the shelves of a well-known German Discounter chain under the name “Edition Fritz Keller”. The winemaker Fritz Keller has returned to his business with the core area of “gastronomy and wine” so successfully evolved to revolutionize without it. The can also be during the DFB a successful philosophy?

Keller’s Mission of An

On 02. April 2019 Reinhard Grindel stepped down as DFB President

In addition to the Association’s work is particularly important, the largest sports Association in the world, according to the terms of Niersbach and Grindel and the associated damage to image of things to bring back, which can create a Marketing strategy, or Compliance, of this world: proximity, authenticity, credibility, and participation. After years of alienation of professional football by Amateurs and society, there are key words like “rapprochement” and “Association”, the shape the requirement profile of the future DFB President. “Fritz Keller is […] an extraordinary personality with all the qualities for the office of DFB President. […] He can be quoted to bring people together, the entire spectrum of German football represent and, in particular, equally for the interests of professional and Amateur football to occur”, is Vice-President Rainer Koch, the DFB Presidium for the Amateur matters in the communication of the Association.

A DFB-President Fritz Keller would not be a radical approach. The basement is not a Guru, comes up with a totally unexpected philosophy therefore. He is no revolutionary, which would enforce a change of culture in the DFB radically and with brute methods””. Fritz Keller is someone who meets the formal requirements for the office of DFB President, just as he has the potential as the face of a new culture in the largest sports Association in the world. The basement would exchange it for its new function in the domestic environment against new Terrain. Whether he could carry his leadership philosophy, his controlled Composure and a nahbares face of the DFB permanently in the Otto-Fleck-Schneise in Frankfurt, the DFB, therefore, sustainable evolution can kidneys, will show up, probably soon.