Image-editing-Apps put to the Test: “PIP Camera”


Who wants to be photographed with your Smartphone and quickly share beautiful results to share, you need effective Tools for image editing. DW Digital life tests the most popular Apps. This week: “PIP Camera”.

“PIP Camera” is available as a free Download available for Android. Via In-App purchases can buy the User individual Features.

“PIP Camera” has Standard Tools such as exposure, saturation and Cropping, but the heart of the App are the picture-in-picture effects. There are a lot of templates.

Your own photos can be incorporated into different PIP-Style templates, and then appear for example in the form of drops, in a perfume bottle, or on a CD. In addition, the image in the Background or in the foreground with different Filters edit. The App is especially useful for Selfies and portrait photos – so creative images and greeting cards you can Tinker with.

In addition, you can create collages with up to ten photos. The thickness and the colors of the frames can change. In addition, the photos in the “PaintLab can be transformed” with various Filters in paintings.

The operation is really easy. It’s fun, the own photos in the PIP-templates-to-install and always new variations to try out.

However, we found many of the offered picture-in-picture effect templates to cheesy. But that is fortunately a matter of taste.


Top 3 Pros:

– Boring photos with the App, in the shortest possible time to spice it up

– Wide selection of PIP templates, almost all of PIP’s Styles are free of charge

– Simple, intuitive operation


Top 3 Cons:

– Many of the PIP-Styles are pretty cheesy

– To much advertisements

– The function “PaintLab” is not available for use, if too many Users simultaneously work in the App


Price: free Version for Android, In-App purchases cost between €1,19 – €4,79 per Item


Manufacturer: Fotoable, Inc.