Greta Thunberg – persistently, consistently


She was the bosses spoke to the Pope, in front of parliaments and Economic, has been named to Sweden’s woman of the year. Credible climate activist, especially her consistency. Now you crossed the emissions of the Atlantic ocean.

Greta Thunberg for the presentation of the Freedom Award in 2019 in Caen

On the Morning of 20. August 2018, the first day of school after the holidays in Sweden, was the then 15-year-old Greta Thunberg, perhaps for the last Time in your life a private person. Then she sat in front of the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm and drew up beside a hand-painted cardboard sign. “Skolstrejk för klimatet”, so: “school strike for the climate“ was to be read to.

For three weeks, until the Swedish Parliament election in September 2018, stayed away from Greta Thunberg of the school. After that, you went on strike Friday. You will continue your classroom boycott for so long, until the Swedish government to comply with the agreements of the Paris climate agreement, and announced. On her Twitter Account, she called the action “Fridays For Future”.

Birth of a global movement

On the first Friday more than 30 people sat with Thunberg in front of the Swedish Parliament. It’s school strikes in other Swedish cities, in other countries, such as Germany, Belgium, the UK and others have followed.

Already not a normal girl anymore: Greta on 30.11.2018 in front of the Swedish Parliament

By mid-March 2019, the climate protests under the Hashtag #Friday forfuture spread to a global movement, with strikes on all continents. The face of the movement, Greta Thunberg is. For many activists it becomes a kind of icon.

Although there were in the industrial Nations, already have an increased interest in environmental issues, such as Plogging, veganism, and the Zero-Waste movement. But Greta Thun Berg’s break with the compulsory education seemed to offer the right level of Revolution, it is needed to drive crowds of young people on the street.

Talk in front of the UN, in Davos, Paris and London

Within just three months, the initiator of the climate protests was so well known that they held in early December at the UN climate summit in the Polish city of Katowice, a talk. Undaunted by their large audience, the student, las the Levites. “Our biosphere is sacrificed so that people in countries like my rich can live in luxury”, accused you.

A few weeks later, Greta Thunberg spoke at the world economic forum in Davos: “I want you to panic. I want you to have the same scared feeling that I feel every day. And then I want you to act as if our house would be in flames. Because it does.”

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Greta Thunberg speaks in front of national Assembly

It Talk to the environment Committee of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, the French national Assembly and the Parliament in London followed. Again and again, the student proclaimed insistently, what a devastating future of humanity was imminent, according to all the forecasts of science, should not be decided something had to be done against global warming.

Prices and celebrities

Meeting with personalities, such as Pope Francis, UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ex-US President Barack Obama seem to generate Thunberg, no special excitement, it has a message.

Also in the Vatican, the Swedish student recruited to your cause

Meanwhile, the received today, 16-Year-old numerous awards, has been named to Sweden’s woman of the year, and even for the Nobel peace prize. The American magazine “Times” is one of Greta Thunberg to the 100 most important people of the year 2019.

“I can Talk, no Small -“

In doing so, you stand very reluctantly at the center, says Greta Interview in a German TV -. “But I can’t complain, I put myself in this Situation. And so I can make a difference, it doesn’t bother me to pay that price.”

Students ‘ strike in Hamburg – up to ten thousand participants per climate-Demo

With your initial ignition to the student protests, Greta has led to Thunberg, what were admonishing scientists, and many of the climate summit so far: In the public debate the issue of climate protection is for months at the top of the Agenda and sets the policy under increasing pressure. In the European elections end of may, environmental parties went almost everywhere to make significant gains.

Much honour, much the enemy

You don’t like to stand in the center, as Thunberg says, so she understands it perfectly, to put their performances in the scene. Hardly a train without a Tweet. Not a classic Teenage Selfie, but advertising for climate-friendly travel.

This presence of rejection remains. The net is a lot of rushed against the student, particularly of right-wing populist parties that deny climate change. But conservative criticism is coming from. In Germany, for example, politicians like the CDU’s General Secretary, Paul Zimiak and FDP chief Christian Lindner made about the student is not funny and not claimed a 16-year-old girl was able to understand global connections.

Also on the Asperger’s syndrome of the environmentalist, many of her opponents around horse riding – this can make you a naive and submissive victim of a green Eco-Lobby, the Tenor.

This hatred, coupled with misstatements of the facts make her sad, says Thunberg in an Interview with the German TV channel ARD. “But the strong reactions show that our air strikes hit a nerve and have an impact. And that’s a positive.”

Her persistence leads back the young Swede himself on Asperger’s syndrome. “If I didn’t have Asperger’s, it would not have been possible. But I’m different. I see the world from a different perspective – black and white. When something is important to you, then I give 100 percent.”

The “Golden camera” for climate protection is only one of many prices at which Greta’s commitment was excellent

In order to devote himself entirely to the fight against climate change, sets the student on a sabbatical and visited the secondary school in the coming year.

Emission-free across the Atlantic

Wherever, the environmental activist, is travelling by train or electric car. Since your 12. The age of you to become vegan and also convinced her family, neither to travel, and eating meat even by plane – especially for her mother, an Opera singer by profession, was not an easy step.

To Greta Thun, mountain, climate-friendly travel agents, we can add yet another: in the middle of August you want to the yacht with the Sea “Malizia II” to America sailing to, among other things, on the UN climate summit in New York in September and at the annual UN climate change conference in December in Chile to participate. Even the on-Board power is by solar panels and underwater turbines generate.

The offer came from the Crew of the sport yacht itself: the German yachtsman Boris Herrmann and Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco. In addition, Thun Berg’s father and a filmmaker are sure to be on Board. Two weeks ago, the Crossing takes.

The sailing trip is also far from being a model for a mass-market crossing of the Atlantic, it still has great symbolic value. And the relentless consequence of the Greta Thunberg shows once more. Whether their persistence also helps against seasickness to be seen, however, in the first place.


  • Save the climate: These Stars are serious

    Superstar Leonardo DiCaprio: climate activist for the last 20 years

    The actor has been chasing not Eco-Trends, he sets them: Since 1998, the Leonardo DiCaprio is involved with a private Foundation for the protection of the environment. Since then, the vegetarian documentary films, produced and financed a racing stable in the electric motor League and bought an island for a private Eco-Resort. Since 2014, he is a UN messenger of peace in the area of climate protection.

  • Save the climate: These Stars are serious

    Actress Emma Watson: Recycled Evening Wear

    Not only in “Harry Potter” knew you to be enchanted. The 29-Year-old uses her beauty to promote sustainable fashion on the red carpet of the Festivals and premieres. Good choice – after all, the gossip magazines ask, Yes, always, whose Design is presented here. Watson said robes from the fabric of recycled plastic bottles (photo), old fabrics or biologically produced silk.

  • Save the climate: These Stars are serious

    Artist Olafur Eliasson: let There be light!

    The Danish-Icelandic installation and light artist, lives and works since many years with the nature. Urging caution, he brought 2016 huge glacier ice blocks in front of the Tate Modern, in front of the eyes of the London melted. Since 2012, he sells “Little Sun”, a solar lamp for households in sub-Saharan Africa that are not connected to the electricity grid.

  • Save the climate: These Stars are serious

    Cook Sarah Wiener: From activist to politician

    The Austrian has always been a holistic chef. Important you are not only the court, but especially the food. Endless your commitment to initiatives and covenants is: “Save our soils”, “household without genetically engineered food” or “We are tired of it!”. In 2019, she was a candidate for The Green party in the European elections – and won! Here she is now a member of the Committee on Agriculture.

  • Save the climate: These Stars are serious

    Prince Charles: Royal Organic Farmer

    The eternal heir to the throne has Long been committed to organic farming, on his own goods, and farms. Its steep theses – for example, that the outbreak of cattle was a disease of BSE in the UK, a “revenge of nature” – a subject for debate. He constantly warns against genetically modified foods, not always in consensus with the ruling Prime Minister.

  • Save the climate: These Stars are serious

    Supermodel rain forest cuffs Gisele: in the Spotlight

    In 2004, you experienced to have to fight like Indians in the Amazon region with polluted rivers. It was the initial ignition for a private water project and various conservation-screen was a gentlemen. Since 2009, the Brazilian is the UN special Ambassador for the protection of the environment. For the iconic Flip-Flop brand Ipanema they designed their own collections (photo), the revenue for the benefit of environmental projects.

  • Save the climate: These Stars are serious

    Actor Kevin Costner: The Aquarius

    He plays, produces, sings (in his own Country Band), dances with wolves and invested. And, although several millions of euros in the so-called centrifuge technology. Together with his brother, a scientist, contributes to the development of machines that clean ölverseuchtes water. During the oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2012, these machines should be used.

    Author: Nadine Wojcik