Worship on 18.08.2019 from the pilgrimage Church “Maria himmelfahrt” in Sammarei


From the pilgrimage Church “Maria himmelfahrt” in Sammarei, live in Germany radio from 10.05 PM.

The Catholic Church service on Sunday, may 18. August, from 10:05 am live Mary of the assumption transferred from the pilgrimage Church “” in the lower Bavarian Sammerei. Celebrant of the Emeritus Provost of Passau, and Hans Striedl is. The ecclesiastical direction of Josef Duschl has.

Sammarei is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the diocese of Passau. Here in the South-East of Germany, near the Danube, the Roman soldiers used to be the Christianity of the people. For 400 years, pilgrims come from near and far to the mother of God of Sammarei your concerns, your Worries and troubles in prayer to raise.

The Emeritus Provost of Passau, Monsignor Hans Striedl, reminded in his sermon on the biblical message that those who confess Jesus Christ, must expect criticism and rejection. At the same time Striedl wants to encourage the faithful to go the way of the successor with determination and Conviction, so that other people will be curious and say: “We also want to belong to you, because you feel that God is with you.”

Musically, the Holy mass will be accompanied by the Church choir Sammarei under the direction of mark stone, Huber, who also plays the organ.