In the web of data: high-tech in the League


A couple of clicks instead of hours of video analysis, camera drones in Training and a radar system instead of an elaborate stadium controls for the new season upgrading the League of technologically more.

In the air, a constant buzz is. At the bottom of the square in the Austrian Bad Häring, the professionals of FC Augsburg sweating. In training camp before the start of the season coach Martin Schmidt tactical formations to practice, watching the drone from a Camera. The overview pictures of the Swiss Coach, then, in order to make its professionals, failed to Move visible. He is not the only one in the League, many clubs bring drones to use. Werder Bremen have tried in the past season, even rivals Hoffenheim by a flying eye spy.

Big Data calls for flexibility

Drones, however, are so far only able to change the angle of the camera. The actual digitization, the work with data, goes much deeper. For example, in the preparation for the next game: “Within seven seconds, for example, the control values of all the players. In contrast, a conventional analysis of a game takes up to six hours,” explains Professor Daniel Memmert German sport University in Cologne. In a shorter amount of time left on this path has a lot more games to evaluate the tactical peculiarities of the opponent to recognize and own match, align, plan on it. To be unpredictable is a success strategy is therefore. It is therefore not by chance that virtually all of the Bundesliga clubs work in the pre-season preparations of their tactical variability.

The power of the data closely: of All games in the Bundesliga will be recorded in the data technically to the smallest Detail. All clubs have access to it. You can even collect more values to training performance, Fitness and health of their professionals. The TSG 1899 Hoffenheim goes even far beyond that, testing, among other things, the ability to concentrate in young players, and ask how perceptions of their mental exhaustion. “To get in the analysis of targeted results, you can’t have enough data,” emphasizes Raphael Hoffner, in the case of the TSG is responsible for the digitisation. “Sure what will be there, we laugh in ten years and say, we would not have needed to. It is a field in which a certain amount of experimentation is important in order to continuously develop, with the clear aim to ultimately generate a concrete Benefit.”

Hope home Interactive Data Space: touch screens in the conference table, and a glass wall to provide a space for visualization

Quantity does not equal quality

For club and game analysts like Daniel Memmert is it the art, to generate from this mass of Figures that is relevant. “We all know that mileage alone says little. Meanwhile, we pay attention to other parameters: space, control, pressing the index and pass effectiveness.” Thus, the qualities a team could be significantly better estimate. On the hunt for the most revealing of all the Algorithms Nerds hold to enter in the football. “FC Barcelona has recently employed five data analysts,” says Memmert. To IT professionals, sports psychologists, statisticians, various analysts and performance diagnostician also Hoffenheim, builds Hoffner says: “people are quite, some of which were not actually focused on football and therefore Know-how from other fields to contribute.”

The technology must be tailored to the particular club and the Situation, and adapted Hoffner highlights. “What is an algorithm, the FC Bayern uses I use it for? We have a different philosophy, a different squad and this season is no triple burden of the Champions League.” With the support of main sponsor SAP, Europe’s largest software producer, programmed by the TSG itself and has positioned itself aggressively as a digital pioneer in the Bundesliga. “A goal-oriented recycled visualization is most important,” said Hoffner sure, “we must be able to show the players the things that make you better.” There’s been a few months, the “Interactive Data Space” – a gadget-Laden conference room, peppered with interactive Displays. On game scenes as well as statistics for sausage sales in the Sinsheimer Arena.

Without barriers, and Scanning into the stadium?

Hexwave System: Helps Radar to weapons?

Which brings us to the Fans: What is the high-tech in the League? have Maybe not so much the crowds at the admission control in the stadium. As the only club in Europe, FC Bayern Munich has been testing this season, “Hexwave”. The radar scanner of an American manufacturer gropes Fans in the past go visually. Artificial intelligence will then be able to dangerous items such as weapons or pyrotechnics and Alarm detect. “It is quite a limited Test over a few weeks in Munich,” relativized company spokeswoman Brittany Whitmore compared to the DW. The controls remain so until further notice, by hand, without high-tech.