The scarcity of fuel in Portugal


Many motorists had prepared. Because starting this Monday, the tank truck driver, entered into an indefinite strike. As the fuel threatens to be assumed, has call on the government, the energy state of emergency.

No gas At this gas station just outside of Lisbon is nothing more to get

In Portugal, the time in the middle of the holidays-many gas stations empty of fuel. “Empty,” stand at many petrol stations in Lisbon and in other Parts of the country on signs. Many drivers had refueled prior to the start of an indefinite strike by the tank truck driver on Monday, their vehicles full. The fuel sales have doubled in the past few days, almost, said the head of government, Antonio Costa.

Since midnight is the strike

According to a website that collects reports of motorists were on Sunday afternoon, about 15 percent of the 3000 petrol stations in the country, entirely or partially, from the fuel shortage affected. The indefinite strike began at midnight. The trade unions demand higher wages for the drivers of the tank trucks.

In April, there had been already once a similar bottlenecks

Government has enacted Rationing

The Portuguese government has, as a precaution, call the “Energy crisis” and Rationing announced. Starting this Monday, only 25 liters per car and per Truck only a hundred litres of fuel sold. The transport companies are also obliged, at least 50 percent of the Fuel in the tank to deliver make. Rescue forces, airports and the police are to be supplied to a further one hundred percent. In April a strike of the tank had the car taken care of truck drivers already for considerable Chaos in Portugal.

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