Spiral of violence in deportations rotates faster


Voluntary, no one is from Germany deported. Now it has been known that more and more victims fight back violently against it. But the state also reacts with hardness and as a result, garners criticism.

Police officers put on 1. August 2019 on the Leipzig-Halle airport, a deportation affected Afghans on Board

Reports of failed deportations, there are always. Refugees complain successfully against the planned Repatriation to your home country or a third state from which you came to Germany. Or they disappear before they can be picked up by the police. Sometimes the deportation fails in the last Moment because of escalating violence in the air. Alone in the first half of 2019, the pilots refused to German and foreign Airlines to participate in the deportation of a total of 335 persons.

The number comes from a response from the Federal government to a parliamentary question of the Left, which is the Deutsche Welle. It is also clear which airports were affected the most: Frankfurt am Main (131 persons), Düsseldorf (111) and Munich (39). In the case of the Airlines, the Lufthansa is with 87 people at the top, followed by Eurowings (75) and Iberia (42). Behind the simple Figures, a Problem that is exacerbated for years, hides obvious: increasing violence on the part of those Concerned and of the state.

The use of restraints has increased tenfold almost

The Left-politician Ulla Jelpke wanted to know more. Therefore, they sent the Federal government a catalogue of 26 detailed questions. A development has aroused your special suspicion: that the use of so-called “auxiliary means of physical violence” between 2015 and 2018 from 135 to 1.231 cases has increased almost tenfold. Thus, among other things, Hand – and ankle cuffs to restrain with which police officers are violent people try.

In spite of accompanying police officers, pilots refuse to start, when Affected to fight back against their deportation

The increase is so remarkable, because the number of deportations during the same period remained almost unchanged: 23.966 it were 2017, a year later 23.617. A similar value for 2019, when it expects the January to June 2019 deported 11.496 people on the whole year. The massive rise in of bondage, in spite of slightly declining to deport figures of the Ministry of the interior explained, “that more persons in return procedures, perform acts of Resistance”. Elsewhere in the Letter of 6. August: “Further evidence of the Federal government are not available for this purpose.”

The interior Ministry keeps increasing for “easily” explainable

On demand of the Deutsche Welle on Monday, the spokeswoman for the interior Ministry, Eleonore Petermann considered, the increase in violence to “easily” explainable. Removals are not voluntary and, therefore, to be Concerned, bring your displeasure, “perhaps by means of physical violence” to the expression. The deportation, however, to enforce or to protect persons, could bondage or other means are used. But only, “if it is really the last resort,” stressed the spokesperson of the interior Minister, Horst Seehofer.

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Stricter Deportation Rules

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New immigration rules will come into force soon

The Left party Deputy Ulla Jelpke, who had started the ball rolling, commenting on the increasing violence on both sides is quite different: “I find it intolerable that the desperation of these people is always broken relentless with Violence to send them back against their will in the most miserable conditions in their countries of origin or in transit States.” There are always shocking reports from the field about the brutal deportations.

“Pro asylum” holds the push-off practice for a “black box”

Jelpke called as an example the criticism of the Anti-torture Committee of the Council of Europe had asked in Germany in may, to refrain from “disproportionate and inappropriate” use of force in the course of deportations. Also the “Pro asylum” registered an increasing hardness in the case of deportations on both sides. Complaints about “excessive use of force” concern, however, is less in the case of deportations at airports, Federal police, but law enforcement officials, “the Deportees to take up, to pick up or transport airports”. The Bernd Mesovic, legal policy officer of the human rights organization said on DW request.

The expert of the “Pro asylum” keeps the entire push-off practice for a “black box theme”. Apart from the Affected and perhaps even their family members, there are rarely independent witnesses and, therefore, could only of the growing number of complaints on the reality close. Mesovic suspected, the Background of the development could be the publicly expressed expectations of politicians, “deportations in a larger number of successfully”.