Gay parents flee from Russia


Andrey and Evgeny are married. The gay couple has two adopted children. Out of fear that the Russian authorities take away their children, you have to leave Moscow, to tell you the Interview exclusive to the DW.

Since they were still happy: Andrey He and Evgeny Erofeev

Until a few weeks ago Andrey He and Evgeny Erofeev had with the authorities in Russia there is no Problem. The Couple had married in Denmark and lived with his two adoptive sons in Moscow. The problems started when Russian investigators proceedings against representatives of the state Agency began, the Andrei He had the Adoption of the two boys. As a result, the family had to leave Russia. The case took place in the Russian media.

Deutsche Welle: How did the Adoption of your son Denis?

Andrei: In Russia there are not many reasons an Adoption may be refused. For health reasons, such as HIV, cancer and mental illness you can be refused, or due to delinquency. You must demonstrate an income at least equal to the subsistence minimum, and sufficient living space. That is all. The only Problem was to get a so-called confirmation of Suitability. Toward this end, a Commission was convened, consisting of ten women. You have asked me why I wanted to adopt a child and why I’m not married either. It was clear to me what the should be running also. Therefore, I have asked the Chairman of the Commission directly if you would think that I would have with my own son having Sex. She told me that she didn’t say anything. After ten days, but I had the confirmation of Suitability. To date, the opinion of a single man is for adoptions to be unsuitable prevails in Russia.

Evgenie and Andrey with their two adoptive sons

This was the second Adoption as well?

Andrei: I went back to the adoption place and have to go through the formal procedure. You said to me at the time, there is no child that I could adopt. But a few hours later I got a call that they had found a boy. That was Yuri.

You have lived as a family in Moscow. When her life changed?

Andrei: The entire Situation in the country has deteriorated. The Dima-Jakowlew came 2012-a bill that will ban the Adoption of Russian children by US citizens (The law was named after the late two-year-old Russian boy by his American adoptive had left the father in the blazing sun in the car. The law was Russia’s response to entry restrictions for Russians in the USA who have been involved in human rights violations – note d. Red.). And then the law on homosexual Propaganda, which has made us because of our sexual orientation immediately to law breakers. Our children have told us then that they had been bullied, and others had referred to us as a Pederast.

Have you asked your children, to hide the fact that you have two fathers?

Andrei: Never. I also never said that we are an extraordinary family. I just said that there are different families.

Which allegation is made to the authorities in your case?

Andrei: In connection with the “Propaganda of non-traditional values” is accused of the competent authorities, to have your duty of supervision is neglected. This means that any lesbian Couple of can even be their biological children are deprived, because they propagate with your way of life “appropriate values”.

You can say that the Russian government plans to close the loophole in the law to prevent Adoption by same-sex couples?

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Gay couple flees from Russia

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Gay couple flees from Russia

Andrej: There are now no grey area. The legislation is clear. For gay couples, there is no possibility for Adoption is. This opportunity is only for individuals. Yevgeny is legally for the children, an outsider. There are actually many single heterosexual women who adopt children.

Evgenie: Gay couples raising children in Russia are a rarity. There are a lot more lesbian couples that do that. And lesbian couples also have biological children.

When are the authorities aware of you?

Andrei: Yuri is registered due to offenses to the police. We adopted him late. When he was first in the hands of the police, he said to the guard that he live with two fathers. A few months later, Yuri came in with suspected appendicitis to hospital. Yuri has told us, the doctor asked him when his mother would come, and Yuri told him that he had two fathers. I got a call from the district authority. The investigator said he wanted to speak with me and the child. He sent us to a forensic medical examination. For a child that is very unpleasant and shocking. He was on sexual offences are investigated.

What was the result?

Andrei: we were told, the result would be available in a month. Then a representative of the Adoption has called and asked us to give the children voluntarily in a rehabilitation centre until the results of the investigation were not there. My lawyer said to me: “Now You have to leave the country.” Within less than two hours, Yuri and I Packed up the stuff and leaving Russia. Shortly thereafter, we have also brought Denis out of the country. To ran at this time, the criminal investigation already. I was threatened with proceedings for murder.

Evgenie: I was alone in Moscow. A week after Andrew and the kids were out of the country, it has caused a knock on my door, but nobody open the door, “police,”. After half an hour, the heavy Knocking has stopped. It is a search warrant for my parents followed. You have been looking after the children and to our Danish marriage certificate. After that I brought my friends out of the country.

Andrei, who she was supposed to have committed a murder?

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Outlawed: lesbians in Russia

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Homosexuality in Russia: Natalia’s martyrdom

Andrei: my children. The officials have said: “Bring them to us and evidence that they are alive:” I rejected this. Several attorneys have confirmed to me that one could take that away from me the children. Psychologists would deal with them. And on the basis of the discussions with the children, she could be ushered in, then, for example, a method due to the use of violence.

I left for two reasons, the country: first, because of the idea that my children might come into a home. Secondly, it was said to me directly, it will take me else because of seduction of minors.

For security reasons, Andrey and Evgeny, in consultation with their lawyers do not want to give their current whereabouts known.

The interview was conducted by Dmitry Vachedin