BVB-boy wonder Moukoku with six pack


Youssoufa Moukoko is only 14 years young, but in this season in the U19 Bundesliga team of Borussia Dortmund games In his debut, he once again shows why they call him a super talent.

Better a (U19)-Bundesliga-Premiere run hardly. Youssoufa Moukoko, the only 14-year-old soccer super talent of Borussia Dortmund, scored at the season opener of the highest German soccer-Junior class game a half-dozen goals. Moukoko has a significant share in the 9:2 (5:1)-away win of Borussia Dortmund at the newcomer Wuppertaler SV. Before the interval whistle, the native of Cameroon shoots four goals (3./23./27./40.), after the break, he puts two more after (58./90.).

With 14 years of six goals in the U19 is exceptional, no question. But this is not surprising. After all, where the German-Cameroonian plays, he hits and hits and hits. And then also in the higher age classes. For the FC St. Pauli, he shot as a ten year old, scoring 23 goals in 13 Games in the U15 regional League. For the U17 of Dortmund, 83 hits in two seasons. His 46 goals in the last season record, and also the reason why Moukoko was carried out directly in the U19 are.

“We see this age group for him as the right Vintage,” said Dortmund’s young-in-chief Lars Ricken of the “image”newspaper: “that’s The equivalent of his performance.” The Teenager is self-explained as modest: “I hope that people think that I shoot in the U19 back to 46 goals. I have to come clear first and see what happens there.”

83 goal for BVB in two U17 seasons: Moukoko

The six-pack shows, Moukoko is also clear in the U19. And as for the long-term goals, sounds like the boy is also less decisions: “If I’m honest, it is my goal to be a professional in Dortmund, Germany, to get with the Borussia in the Champions League and to win the Ballon d’or,” he said the “Sport Bild” in November 2018. Because even if he didn’t show up yet in the spotlight of the Bundesliga, has emerged to Moukoko already a huge Hype.

A multi-million dollar equipment contract, he should have been in the bag. And anyway, All respect to him, all the talk about him. Through its many gates. And about the doubt in the date of birth. Even U23 team Manager Ingo Preuß said 2017 in a “spox”-Interview: “I could imagine in Youssoufa that his age has only been estimated. Maybe he is, in fact, two years older.” Ricken stressed, meanwhile, always, the specified age is a fact, the Association the documents referred to, certified birth.

The German football Association explained at the request of the “image” that they trust “in this matter, the information provided by the home club of the player”. But even if he were a year or two older, would be Moukokos services and Torquoten still considerable. Don’t want to overload the boys with expectations but. “He is an outstanding Talent, he scores goals on a conveyor belt. But for a far-reaching forecast is still much too young”, said BVB Manager Michael Zorc. Especially since there are warning examples.

Freddy Abu: Cautionary example for Moukoko

Already in the year 2003, the 13-year-old Freddy Adu, was moved in a similar manner as Moukoko into the spotlight, as he had signed a multi-year contract with Nike worth a Million dollars. The US-super talent was already a Star before the Adu was even for the pros. He was already as a Teenager, three million US dollars in the year.

Adu was marketed as the face of Major League Soccer and the U.S. national team, at a time, in a promotional figure with the greatest longevity was asked. Today, Adu is a Prime example of almost everything that can go wrong. After just 195 of the operations in 14 professional years in a total of 14 different clubs Adu is today, with 29 years – actually, in the “best football age” – without a club. Most recently, he kicked for the Las Vegas Lights in the USL Championship, a sort of second League in the United States.

Whether Moukoko has what it takes to be the face of the German “men’s”League, will show up at the earliest the end of next year. Since his first game with Marco Reus and co., would be at the earliest on the 20. November 2020 possible. Because on this day, Moukoko is 16 years old. “Officially,” some would add, the doubts, boys to the age of miracles. It seems clear: Moukoko is a great career.

jhr (dpa, sid)